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Hi, can anyone tell me how i can create a sig? i dont have photoshop, i cant afford it. Is there another way? I joined yesterday and all of yours look so fab im jelous!!! thanx :-)
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We also have a signature request thread, where you can post your pictures and have several people work on them. The signature request thread is here and once the signatures have been made for you, they will be posted here. The list of requests is fairly long and the signature makers do not always have a lot of free time, so be patient and check the completed thread often as not all signature makers will PM to say there are signatures there for you.

 Please wait until you are a Young Cat before asking for a signature to be made.
 Unless specifically stated in your request, it is assumed that graphics made or manipulated here will only be used on TheCatSite Forums, unless permission is explicitly asked of the artist after the fact.
 Please only use the Signature Request Thread to request signatures, not other graphics.
 Please note that as these graphic signatures are created for free to the users, the designer retains all rights and credit to the graphics.
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