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cat giving birth

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I'm new to this forum and i have a question... my cat of 2yrs is giving birth at this moment and i was wondering how longthe interval is between each birth. She had one at 5:15pm and another at 5:45pm
I have not seen any more since. She seems to be quite big still. This is all new to me, i feel so helpless. I rescued her and her 3 siblings 2 yrs ago when the neighbors moved out and left their pregnant cat behind. I found them in a bush outside my home. I foundhomes for 3 and kept the calico. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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How is your cat doing? I didn't see this thread until just now. I don't know much about cat pregnancies, but if you haven't had any progress with the labor by now, you might want to call the vet.
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They are here, and alright....mom looks ok and kittens
seem like they are healthy. (1)BLACK/ORANGE/WHITE

I have no clue of breed but they are precious!
Thankyou for responding and i'll keep you up to date on
on their stages

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They sound adorable. Give their mom a a headrub for me.
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Way to go Tracy!!

It's best to let nature take its course. Mama did a great job. I'm glad you didn't panic. I didn't see this till now either. Please post pictures when they're old enough.


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Congrats on the kittens and please don't forget to have the mom spayed as soon as the kittens are old enough! Make sure that the people who adopt the babies are aware of the need to spay/neuter before the age of 6-7 months.
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Hi Tracy, congrats on the kittens! I know it's tough to determine the sex of them when they are small, so in case you don't keep up on your feline genetics, orange tabbies are almost always males and your two tri-colors will be little girls. Good luck!
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