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At my wits end!?!

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Im so sick of Murfie being sick, itchy and scabby. She's so silly she scratches herself til she bleeds (which doesnt take much as where she scratches there isnt much hair) and now she's scratched her eye and its puffy!
She's sending me broke with all the vet bills, if I didnt love her so much I'd be tempted to hand her back to the breeder.
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Sending mega healing and calming prayers & vibes to Murfie & to you
Have you tried putting Vitamin E oil on her? She must be in such torment, poor kitty
I've been getting a few white hairs & they itch so bad Of course, they're on the back of my head where I can't see or reach well to pluck them, and I scratch & scratch and observers probably think that I have headlice So tell Murfie that I commiserate
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Haha that brightened my day! What kind of vitamin e oil should i get? Do u buy it in capsules then just break them open? my boss does that
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I hope she feels better.
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Do you have any idea what is causing her to itch or is it just because she doesn’t have a lot of hair? Perhaps she has a food allergy?

Either way I hope she feels better soon!
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I had the same thing with my Cinnie, she scratches terribly. She is allergic to flea bites one flea bite will send her into scratching fits, I would find tufts of fur everywhere, she also made her eyes puffy. I also brought her to the Vet, they did what they could, which wasn't much and I didn't want her to get steroid shots. I make sure she gets Frontline on all time time, every month. I read in a cat care book about Evening Primrose Oil with Vitamin E in it for this problem. I had nothing to lose so I started to break open the capsules and put it in her wet food. It took a couple of weeks to start but there was such a remarkable difference I couldn't believe it. All her fur grew back in beautifully. I've been doing that with her for years. If nothing else, call your Vet and ask about it for your little guy.
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When Coco was younger her hair would come out in clumps.
She is allergic to so many things.
Coco had scabs all over her when she was younger.
I changed her food and it stopped except for the mess in her ears.
The vet said that is a allergy also.
How often are you giving her baths?
I know Rex are alot like Sphynx and was told to give Cleo a bath everyweek or she would get a rash and pimples.
I also wipe her off with baby wipes in between baths.
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Cruiser - yes Murfie has a food allergy and is on a prescription diet. She has been on it for 3 weeks and I have seen some improvement but im just sick of looking at her being all scabby!
Mews - I gave her a bath last week, she's not meant to be bathed much as it can dry out her skin and she may be allergic to certain shampoos Im not sure. As far as I know Devon's only need to be bathed maybe 2 times a year, they dont get oil skin like sphynx can
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I don't know anything about the relationship a breeder has with cats after they're adopted out, but could you contact him/her, to see if any of this is hereditary? And, since they know the breed well, perhaps they have some insight into addressing the issues you're facing?
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Thats good.
My next cat is going to be another sphynx or a rex.
Allergies are hard to treat.
I am sure something will help her.
What does the breeder say?
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Im in constant contact with the breeder that's why she gave me Deagon cos she knows I'll always keep in touch. She suggested a few things it could be and gave me some ideas for food suppliments but the only thing Murfie will eat is dry food so it limits me.
I guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed that this new food will help. My vet actually gave me a 4 kilo bag (worth $65Aus) for free cos he knows how much trouble I've had with her.
She is 1 1/2 yrs old and has had this problem since she was about 6 months old or so and this is pretty much my last option
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I hope something will work for her.
Its nice your vet gave you the food.
My vet did not charge me for a ultrasound because Coco always has bladder problems.
Some vets are really nice.
Sounds like you got a good breeder that is trying to help you.
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Yeah she's amazing, any time I need advice she's just an email away! Murfie's eye is less puffy today and some of her scabs are starting to clear.
I clipped just the tips of her back claws to try and make them a bit blunt in the hopes it will make it harder for her to do damage to herself.
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My female Devon had a "rash" of sorts and I ran to the vet for advice. They didn't examine her but asked questions etc. I bought shampoo but never used it since I had to leave it on her for 15 mins and that WAS NOT going to be allowed LOL

I read in severall places it can be caused by stress. My siamese female was literally trying to kill her so that was causing her some major issues. Once my devon got pregnant, it all went away with no problems.
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Haha can u imagine trying to soak a cat for 15mins....what are some vets thinking!!!!

As for stress, she's the happiest kitty alive even more so now that she has Deagon to play with. They have what I like to call "The Kitty Olympics" where the run around the whole house jumping on and over everything in their paths chasing each other...its HILARIOUS
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Just an idea, though you may have already done this. One cat that I am treating for a current FIP/corona virus issue is on amoxi drops. Over the summer she was attacked pretty bad by fleas. Her skin was very scabby and in very bad shape. She is now on the amoxi drops for a different issue, but her skin has never looked so good. It appears the amoxi drops for her case, they have worked very well for her skin and any pending possible flea infection.
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what are amoxi drops and where do you get them?
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Poor Murife. I know what allergies are like since I was diagnosed with allergies to cats/dogs and dustmites 10 months ago

Have they tested her for dustmite allergies too?
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Thats a antibiotic.
You need to ask the vet about it.
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No she hasnt been tested for dust mites as the vet is 99% sure its a food allergy. If this food doesn't work she'll be going back for blood tests etc
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I hope the food works.
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Me far she doesnt have any fresh scratches so fingers crossed once all these scabs heal she'll leave herself alone!
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Do alot of Rexes get that way?
M sister is going to get a Rex kitten.
how long did the vet say t use the food for before it helps?
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If the vet is sure it's a food allergy, have you tried switching her to one of the grain free wet foods? There are ones that are 95% meat from a single protien source, such as all chicken or beef or turkey.
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This site was recommended on a dog forum. It gives the wonders of apple cider vinegar. There's also a section on cats. If you scroll down the page you will find some testimonials on cats and food alergy, scratching & scabs.
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Oatmeal Shampoo - very very good for cats with allergies!
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Hi, up untill about 4 months ago my Tabitha was scratching her face and ears untill they bled,the vet thought it was ear mites but it wasn't. It was costing a fortune.She was so miserable and wouldn't play or anything.I was in a pet shop one day an saw Phytopet, it is a company that makes herbal remedies for animals. I bought ear drops wich contain lavender,clove and juniper and also one for her skin which is put into her food. I though i will try anything to stop her bleeding. They were 4.00 a bottle. I could not belive it within 2 weeks it all cleared up and she is now acting like a cat should do. Well a little too much now! Try Phytopet, i worked for tabbi, they have a massive range and what's great is it's tested on humans!! hope this helps
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