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i really like jaguars and mercedez-es.. my favorite is a classic Alpha Romeo Duetto Spyder (sports)... really cool!

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I gues I like the car I have, a white Lincoln with mirror tint and I just put my chrome rims on!!! She's very flashy, but so am I. Other than her I've had '68 Valant with hydro's and 10in rims so it bounced, and others but these two are my favorites .....for now.
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I'm not a "car" person, but I will say this... my grandfather gave his car to my brother when he graduated college. It was a 1969 camaro in PERFECT condition. But my brother moved to NYC and didn't take the car with him... of course, he decided to have my parents sell it for him just before I got my license...

Hubby drove a 1970-early something Trans Am when we met (in 1979). He'd completely restored it himself, and had purchased some Cadillac paint really cheap... it was BRIGHT yellow, LOL! It was definitely fun motoring around with him. He sold the car many years ago....

HIS favorite car is a Porsche 928 California edition.

The most beautiful car I've seen on the road that I said to myself "I wouldn't mind having THAT car" ....was some kind of Bentley. It was cream colored with a cream interior. It looked, to me, like a cloud floating down the highway....
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Mini Cooper

Hunter Green with Silver Racing Stripe!!!
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