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Your Favorite Car?

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My favorite car is the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1! I want one so badly! The only problem is that most of them cost $10,000.00!

I would want my Mustang painted cherry red with a cat hissing on the hood! Maybe someday I'll own one. I just have to find a good paying job first!

So what's your favorite car?
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hmm tough question...

Darrell days his fav cars are: any newer Cadillac, 67 Camaro, and the GTO.
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I'm lucky enough to have my favourite car - we picked it up yesterday and I love it to bits

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I love muscle cars - the one I want is the '69 Dodge Charger - like the one they had in Dukes of Hazzard - its been my dream car since I saw the program!
The Mach one is a beauty. I also like the Nova..
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I really don't have a preference..as long as I have something dependable to get me to and fro..
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Yup, my fav is the '97-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse! I like them in Black or Red, but if I had the money I would repaint what I eventually get a nice dark green colour, which would just be so bad @$$

Technically I can afford some modles of this car right now, just the RS which is basically the "slow" model. But it's not that practicle. I could barely get the baby in it let alone transporting animals anywhere in that thing!

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I don't know much about cars, but I'd have to say my 2 favourite makes are Nissans and Toyotas. I like the 2002?3? Nissan Sentras and the Toyotas mostly because of their lower fuel emissions and commitment to the environment. The Ford Focus is nice too... especially the hatchbacks, since they would be just about perfect for transporting our dog in her crate! (try to fit a large crate in the back seat of a sedan who's seats don't fold down! Can't be done!
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I had a 1970 Dodge Charger. I loved it! It would pass anything on the road but a gas station!
I had a Plymouth Road Runner, too, I forget exactly what year, early 70's. It was the gaudiest car ever. It was white with red trim, with the big spoiler on the back. It was great. It even had the Beep! Beep! horn.
I was checking out a similar Charger in a car lot a few weeks ago, and they wanted $12,000 for it! It didn't even have the big , whoppin' 440 engine. I paid $250 for mine! I guess that WAS a long time ago.
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the Mitsubishi Eclipses are so cute. My cousin has one and loves it. I have been looking at the ford focus hatchbacks. I like the hatchback design. It used to be so popular now its hard to find. I think my next car is going to be a pickup truck.
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I really like the Land Rover/Range Rover lines of vehicles. I'd like to eventually get my hands on a Defender or a Discovery. I've an acquaintance (in Leicester) who recently had a Freelander.

I'll bet you have fun with it!
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Hands Down, the BMW Z8

But realistically for now, my favorite "affordable" car is the Dodge Stratus R/T coupe..
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I Dodge Chargers! My parents have 3 Fords! My dads car is 11 years old and still runs nicely, my moms van is 6 years old and has never had a tune up! We also have a 1989 Ford F150! I wanted it so bad, but my brother bought it off my dad!
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I guess I'm not really into the car thing... I don't like sports cars at all... they seem very impracticle to me. I'm more fond of the "boring, family-sized, 4 doors" sort.
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I'd have to vote for Hondas and Toyotas since those are the cars that hubby and I have. I have a 97 Honda Civic and hubby has a 98 Toyota 4Runner. We've never had any problems with either of the cars (except for the normal replacing of the brakes and tires) and we've had both cars for about 2 years. They are definitely worth what we paid since they'll both go well beyond 100,000 miles.
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'59 Cadillac convertible; red, with a white interior. I LOVE FINS!!!
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I like Hondas (I have one right now), but one day I'd like to upgrade to an Acura!

Alex's favorite kind of car is Mercedes-Benz (he has one).
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katl8e, FINS ROCK! My grandpa bought a '58 Caddy to bring me home from the hospital in when I was born.
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My fave cars are WAY outta my price range...unless I married a Sugar Daddy!

I'll just stick with my 1996 Dodge Stratus.
Here's a pic of what my car looks like:
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I am a HUGE SUV fan. I wish I had a Chevy Tahoe. Right now I drive a Ford Explorer, but I have driven SUVs for 15 years: Ford Escape, Isuzu Rodeo, Toyota 4Runner. My fist car was a '67 Mustang. Wish I never sold it. Wouldn't mind having a Trans Am as a second car.
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Originally posted by Deb25
I am a HUGE SUV fan. I wish I had a Chevy Tahoe. Right now I drive a Ford Explorer, but I have driven SUVs for 15 years: Ford Escape, Isuzu Rodeo, Toyota 4Runner. My fist car was a '67 Mustang. Wish I never sold it. Wouldn't mind having a Trans Am as a second car.
No, Deb - you do NOT want a Trans Am. As more and more grandkids came along, my mom started buying red Trans Ams. At least once a month, I would get a phone call: "Will you pick me up, at Quebedeaux Pontiac, tomorrow morning? My car has to go into the shop."

At the time, I had a '72 Duster and it did not meet Mom's standards. I told her that, the next time, she could ride the bus home. She quit griping about my car.
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My dream car is a 67 Mustang convertible. I've had three 'Stangs thus far; a 69 coupe, a 93 coupe, and currently an 83 convertible, which unfortunately needs engine repair to be driveable.
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I like our Lexus IS300. I hate my Eclipse though........ I wish I never would have bought the thing. dont get me wrong. It's a nice car, but its too low to the ground & it's a PITA to get out of since I am tall. I like the Infinity coupes or the Mercedes coupes, too.
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i love small cars! i have a 88 toyota camry and its the size of a house! when i get a decent job (and pay off my loans!!) i hope to get those cute toyota Echos, or Starlets
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My favorite car is Chevy Camaro..I want a 69 Camaro that isn't in perfect shape so I can put my sweat and hard work into restoring it. I LOOOOOVE Camaros, but I love anything that's a Chevrolet..lol. I also LOVE older cars like the Wilcat, Omega, Nova,etc. I'm a major antique junkie. I would rather buy and restore antiques so there are a few left in the world...including cars.
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OH Oh I have quite a few.

My dream car (I'll never get it, as it's way far out of my price range and always will be) is the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. This was the car that was driven in the new James Bond movie. Yummy car, and yummy man .

Take a look. http://www.plus4.freeserve.co.uk/amo...q/am020226.jpg

Okay so back to reality! You guys are gonna make so much fun of me, but I REALLY REALLY want a new Volkswagen Beetle (these cars are SO SO CUTE). I want a black one, and eventually I want to get Winnie the Pooh painted on the hood with a honey pot in hand and little bees flying around his head.

You can get a 360 degree virtual tour of the interior and exterior here: http://vw.autodatadirect.com/ASC/con...n=VC&LoggedOn=

These cars are SO cute and SO roomy. I'm getting one as soon as I graduate college

Craig says he'll never ride with me in that car if I ever do get it.

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Sue! You owned a '67 Mustang? No fair!
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I am a car nut, I love cars, ever since I was little, Im a little partial to mustangs, ive had 2 66's, a 70, a 97 and and 84 convertible.
We bought my daughter a 2002 mazda protege ES, with all the options and wide tires and stuff, its a beautiful black metallic and it drives just like a sports car. I love that car. But right now I have a 2003 Focus ZX3.Its a hatchback. Its soo cute, and its red and has the alloy rims and wide tires and all. Next year I want to get a Honda del Sol, an older one. We just sold an 84 Honda CRX. It needed work, and we didnt have the time to fix it back up. I see it sometimes and I wish I had it back. My kids think Im nuts, because I take such good care of my car. I wont park by anyone when Im shopping, I hate door dents and stuff. But I cant help it. Ive always been that way.
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When I was sixteen (1977) I had a 69 Dodge Charger, paid $25.00 for it. It needed a new alternator and my then boyfriend (now ex) did the work for me. It had yellow and red primer for a paint job, and had been sitting under a mullberry tree for some time when I got it. Never could get all of the mess off. I had it for two years and drove it from Virginia to Oklahoma to Florida to Illinois to Ohio and back to Oklahoma basically driving it into the dirt, that was some car! My hubby has a 70 Firebird which he has been planning to fix up someday LOL.

My current car is a five year old Chevy Lumina, but I would really like a Mercedes Sport Utility or a VW Beetle. Guess which one I can afford???
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My fav And the car I'm going to have next year is a 1991 to 1996 Nissan 300ZX TT 5spd red or wirte.
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