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teacup kittens/cat shows

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Can anyone tell me of a regional teacup kitten/cat show in the Florida/Georgia area, as I am interested in attending one. Thank you, in peace, Carol Forbes
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I believe you'll find that "teacup" cats aren't a breed, and probably will never be one recognised by CFA or TICA. It's basically the practice of breeding runts together to get a smaller cat, which isn't a particularly safe/healthy practice, and as they are just small cats, you won't get a "breed standard".

I'm sure someone who knows more on the subject will be along, but no - I don't think you'll find any cat shows with teacup cats anywhere
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There are no "teacup cats" shows and never will be. Anyone breeding so called mini or teacup cats is a backyard breeder only out for money. They are breeding runts and no reputable breeder will breed teacup cats.

If you want to attend a cat show to see all different breeds here's the show schedules for CFA, ACFA, and TICA.



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