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I joined when I Googled, "overdue pregnant cat" and this is where it led me! It was pretty funny, because within 6 hours of my posting (after waiting 3 weeks to do so) the kittens were born. But everyone here was so nice, and VERY supportive after Smudge RB got FIP, and then rejoicing when I met my new Smudge! Good people here!
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I found this forum when searching for cat/pet related forums. Some might say I am a bit obsessed with the feline species! I just adore cats, especially my own. Yet, I love hearing about other people's cats as well. I wanted a place where I could get advice for my own cats and rescue cats, as well as share some wisdom of my own. I'm also very passionate about cat rescue, and I liked that there was a rescue & stray/feral section here!
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A college friend told me about the crossing the bridge forum on here. I was doing a search on what to feed my new kitty Summer and was hooked!
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I found TCS through google, while looking for information on hyperthyroidism. Our RB baby Tigger was diagnosed with it in July 2007. I joined so the two of us could research it and find out how other people dealt with it and what treatments were used. Unfortunately she became our RB baby the day after she received the I-131 treatment on Sept 11, 2007. (Fluid in her lungs that wasnt detected before the procedure).

I stayed for sure though because I'm a crazy cat lady We got 2 kittens two weeks later, and I've always had cats in the family.
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My mom was on tcs and suggested it cause I had 3 cats and 2 dogs at the time. I joined in april of 2005 but I haven't really posted much up until recently. So I don't really know many of you well or maybe you don't know me to well. I hope to get to know you all a little better this year.
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My sister S.O. at the time had found it some how. She told me about it and I joined for fun and for information on C.R.F. My cat Smokey, had recently been diagnosed with C.R.F. when I joined.

I should add I stuck around because everyone was so warm, welcoming and friendly. I can't imagine having lived with a cat with CRF without this place. Then last year when Jordan started having all his problems everyone was so wonderful, this has been a place of unmeasurable support.
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I joined TCS because Ginger lost her voice and a lady at our local pet store suggested I try a cat forum...honestly I've always wanted to find other people that love cats as much as I do, just didn't know where to look or start...
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