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Serious Vibes Needed

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Hello all...
Please say a payer to me and send as many vibes my way as you can afford!
Here is the story: I was "forced" to quit my job a few months ago, as it was causing a tremendous amount of psychological damage... I loved my job, but the company environment was sick, and I also had a sick sick boss... Long story short, I had a breakdown in July, was given a 2 week sick leave from my doctor due to severe anxiety and depression.
After months trying to make things work, my doctor finaly told me: I can dope you up as much as you want, but the only cure for your problems is to quit your job". Well, I had a final straw with my boss, and pretty much quit on the spot.
I had money to support me for a few months which just ended now, in the nick of time , no job in sight, the economy was sinking like the titanic... But I did it!
I took a month off to clean my head and my spirit - that is when I adopted Lucky, the BEST thing I did besides quitting my job!
I also interviewed for a few jobs in LA, since I want to go back to California - got the three jobs, and chose the one that I think will make me happier and give me the most growth in my career.
The job is to be National/International Director of Sales for a company in the Professional Beauty Industry. I have been in sales management in the Beauty Industry for the last 8 years, and LOVE IT!!!
I am starting Monday, and have my first meeting with a potential account on Tuesday!!!! OUCH
With this job, in theory, I am getting everything I put on my list of requirements...
1- Go back to Los Angeles
2- 30-40% pay increase from my last job, AND commission (Sales managers usually get bonuses, not commission, since we pay commission for our sales reps)
3- Go back to the National level (for the last 2 1/2yr I was a regional for the MW/SW area
4- Work for a manufacturer instead of a redistributor.
5- Continue to work from home...
6-Stay in the Beauty Industry
7-Use the same Sales Reps as in the other Company
I got it all.... whew!
The company is somewhat new, but very well funded, and the products and marketing are really fantastic!
Please send me vibes for me to do a good job, and for everything to run smoothly... This job got to work out - rent is going to be late until the 15th, and if this job doesn't work out... well... I am going to be in BAD shape!
I obviously need to change my sleeping schedule - I am a night person, and with Lucky's help I completely switched from night to day!
I am SO excited and SO ready for a challenge!!! I am going to grow this Company like it is nobody business!!!
Thanks for reading this long post... please please keep me in your prayers tonight...
Thansk you guys!
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I hope everything works out for you.
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I really hope everything works out!!

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I hope everything goes well with the new job!
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Hope it all woks out and everything goes well.
You go girl, goodluck.
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hope it works out for you
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Sounds like an awesome job to me. Sending vibes from NZ!
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Thats a way to start the New Year. You sound very positive and I'm sure this will work out for you.
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Lot's of good luck vibes coming your way.

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Oh, yeah.... been in more than my fair share of toxic work environments.!

Good for you!!!

Here are lots of for the new job!
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Will be praying for you, Sweety! I hope this is job you were hoping for you and may you be blessed there!

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Good for you for having the guts to leave a bad environment.

Sending plenty of good luck that everthing goes wonderfully for you at your new job.
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Mega coming your way, hope it all works out!!
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No one should have to work for an evil boss, and I believe wholeheartedly that you did the right thing. Good luck and best wishes; I am sure everything will work out fine.
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Hon, I'm so glad things worked out for you! Many coming your way, but I doubt that you really need them. You seem to have everything under control! .
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everything works out for you
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Carolina Girl, You will do just fine I have faith in you, and hope that this job is ALL that you want it to be...

I hope you were able to get some last night....

Hope today goes smoothly for you

You sooooo deserve this hun
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...for you......
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Sending lots of to you!!
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Hope your day goes well, as I'm sure it will! You are amazing, how you took control of your life and steered it in the direction you want. That is MUCH more difficult than it sounds, good for you!
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Thank you SOOOOO much everybody for the vibes... I had a fantastic couple of days!!!
This job will be a challenge, with lots of fire to put out... but I am SO HAPPY I took it!!! It fits me like a glove!!! I love it I Love it, I Love it!!!
My first trip is for a trade show in Vegas, next week... and I think I should be back in LA in by March, if all goes well!!!!
There are many risks with a new Company, but I think the best thing I did was to quit my job and put myself out there for a chance to be happy elsewhere - I think it will pay off big time!!!!
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