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My best friend from age 5 to age 13...

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My baby, best friend, and kitty, Diamond was nothing short of amazing. She knew when I need company, when I wanted to be alone (which was never) and when I wanted to play. I got her when I was five. I was the weird little girl that no one liked. I only had two friends and they only liked me because they had to. (we were related) But Diamond became my best friend. I told her everything and she was practically human. We remained very close for years. Until I started growing up and noticing boys and makeup and going out on the weekends. I always loved Diamond but I started spening less and less time with her. Her last day alive, I was going to a sleep over with my "boyfriend" and for some reason, Diamond wouldn't let me go into my closet. I was in a rush and she was kind of annoying me. I yelled at her to move and grabbed my clothes and left. I came home the next day and my parents told me that my baby, my best friend had been hit by a car and died instantly. They had put her a garbage bag and put her in the dumpster so the raccons wouldn't mess with her. All I did for weeks was cry. Its still hard to go on with my day without breaking down. Its been two years and it still hurts.

I have a new cat. She's my baby and I love her but truthfully, she can't replace Diamond.

She remains in my heart forever and always.
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I lost Frisky and Whiskers when I was 12 and still miss them even though its been almost 30 years.
Do not blame yourself.
Sometimes people do stuff when we are in a hurry.
I have done it.
So sorry about your cat.
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Condolences on losing your sweet princess during a difficult stage in your life. I am sure that Diamond is being treasured by the little people angels over the Bridge; she knows how precious she was to you, and just think, she's over RB, giving your future kittens yet to be born, all those priceless instructions on what you want and need most in your cats
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I'm so sorry you lost Diamond, she sounded like a wonderful cat. People sometimes do things that we regret, but I'm sure you had no intention to hurt her. She understands and is watching over you from over the RB, making sure you'll never be lonely again.

Rest in Peace, Diamond
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So sorry for your loss She really sounded like a special kitty.

Rest In Peace Diamond
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