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While I was out doing errands today I stopped by a local BARBECUE Restaurant and picked up Barbecue sandwiches and cole slaw for supper. YUM!
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I was gonna go up to Subway and get a grinder, but I don't feel like going back out. So it'll probably just be egg salad with toast, since fiance is at class tonight.
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Ha ha, I have like 2 1/2 dozen eggs since I started ordering them from the dairy, and the first dilevery was today. Maybe I need to make a huge omelet for dinner!
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Originally Posted by yam102284 View Post
I was gonna go up to Subway and get a grinder, but I don't feel like going back out. So it'll probably just be egg salad with toast, since fiance is at class tonight.
I miss grinders! When I was still in high school, I thought everyone called them grinders and made the mistake of talking about them and people thought I was talking about a meat grinder .

I had mac and cheese and a chocolate and peanut butter egg. I may have a baked potato too. Man, thats a lot of starch!
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Being lazy tonight so it's Mr Noodles Chicken Flavor for me. What esle can you have for dinner that costs less then a dollar and takes 5 minutes to make
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We had KFC and my mom made salad and rice to go along with it.
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Shake & Bake chicken (and I'll help!!)! Ranch-style with beans and some green veggie; along with peaches and Ben & Jerry's Frozen yogurt!!
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Toad in the Hole with sage gravy and garlic carrots and with any kind of luck there may be some left for lunch tomorrow. And there's a ripe mango on the counter that I'll use somehow for dessert.
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Elk steak, mashed potatoes and my 'famous' elk gravy, and some sort of veggie....haven't decided on that yet.
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We had pizza!
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I am alone for a few days, so tonight I had a hamburger on a toasted English muffin I need to go to the store
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We had homemade mac & cheese with ham. I love when my mom makes it.
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Just a light dinner for me tonight. A nice green salad made with Romaine, cucumbers, green peppers, some red onion slices and tomato wedges. Golden Caesar dressing which is my favorite for any salad. Topped with some cubed chedder. For dessert I am having a sliced mango with some vanilla yogurt.

I've been feeling a bit sluggish the last few days and that is generally the result of eating to much meat so it looks like I am going veggie for a few days.
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No idea tonight..Josh is out at the hockey game..so maybe soup or something.
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I was thinking rice and cheese tonight. Fiance is at class, so just something for me tonight.
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Not sure yet I'm working till 8.30PM but that's no reason to slack off!

Tomorrow is an easter Sunday roast at my Nana's house
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Greek -- Prawns Youvetsi, Greek Salad, Pita and Tzatziki. Dessert was not quite so Greek -- Gelato Spazzacamino with bikkies. Quite satisfactory.
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Have a ton of baking to do this afternoon for a buffet I am attending tomorrow so it looks like pizza delivery for me.
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I'm planning on spaghetti with turkey italian meatballs and garlic bread, yummy!!
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DH has decided on a taco bake tonight. Basically it's taco meat layered with totilla chips with lots of cheese in a casserole. Very simple and quick so I'm all for it!
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We had Maryland style crab, mixed beans and yams. Since my 87 year old child ...ummmm... Mom demanded some dessert I fixed a carrot cake.
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Homemade Lentil and Sweet Potato soup with a sour dough roll.
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I made a very bacony sheperds pie on Thursday so it has to be eaten today, whip it up when the other relatives get over here today... there is still a heap of fish left over from friday to eat. Dessert? Chocolate there is quite an overload!
Happy Easter!
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Not sure and not having much luck scratching my brain, either. May end up ordering pizza...
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Today is a very untraditional Easter Meal -

Buffalo chicken dip,
Homemade pizza
Chocolate Mousse cake
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We're smoking a 19 pound ham to have at the neighbors. We're cooking the ham with a combination of apricot and plum wood, so it will infuse a really sweet smoke into the meat. I will brag that our smoked hams are the best that I've ever eaten. I've made an Ambrosia salad (pineapple, mandarin oranges and coconut) and will make a cheesy potato bake later today. Not sure what the neighbors are making to compliment this.
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My dinner was just from work last night but Kieran & I went to my Nana's for lunch and we had:

Roast duck
Roast Potatoes
Roast Parsnip
Roast Kumara

Boiled courgettes and broccoli

YUM! Thanks Nana!
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I'll be slow roasting a partial leg of lamb this afternoon, and I'll make up some potatoes (most likely mashed), and greens of some sort. I have baby brussel sprouts and baby zucchini so I'll take my pick.

No family over or anything... just me and the cats. The lamb is a family tradition, and I'm the only one who REALLY cooks anymore, but since I'm 600 miles away from all of them, I still enjoy cooking the holiday dinners for myself... albeit in a smaller format.

Amanda ~ with mint jelly at the ready ~
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Well I just got home from a Christening after which we had a luncheon buffet.
I had a slice of turkey, ham and roast beef, some potato & egg salad, pasta salad, cheese, veggies, and for dessert some black forest cake. I am stuffed so most likely the only other thing I will have today is some crackers and cheese before bed...
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tierro, that sounds SO good!

I'm going to my aunty's for easter Monday dinner tonight! YUM!
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