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Daily Thread Tues Dec 30th!

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Morning peeps!

It is SO windy here...I think my building might fly away!! The wind is whistling by my windows and making a ton of racket! Crazy!!

Headed to work this morning..should be another busy day. Hopefully not too busy like yesterday though. Yesterday was nuts!

Ummmm, meeting with my invite girl for the final consult on the final products, then to the grocery store for some much needed sustenance.

You all have a great day!
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Good morning.Its snowing today. Not much planned for the day. I'll probably try and get some house work done my kitchen cupboards all need to be washed down so I guess its a good day to tackle that
Sitting here watching the birds at the feeders they are full this morning. The cats enjoy watching the squirrels and chipmunks eating out of there feeders..
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Morning All!!

Well it looks like it's going to be a nice sunny day here, we had a bit of snow overnight but nothing crazy, it's about -10C but not to windy so that's not bad.

Not sure what I am up to today, may go out for a bit later this afternoon. I like getting out when it's sunny, we haven't seen to much of it over the last few weeks.

The kitties are good today, window watching right now....They are supervising the feud going on between the black squirrels and blue jays again.

Everyone have a good day
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good morning everyone! Today is a day off from work for me, but it won't feel like much of a day off... I have to go over to the college and get my major changed (so I can get financial aid), then hit Petsmart and IKEA (for little things, thankfully), then off to the shelter until 1 or 2. Then grocery shopping and home. Maybe I'll have some energy left after the morning events to get some sewing done. We'll see.

It's a bit wet out today... was storming yesterday and today we have a 'chance' of rain... I'd bet we will see the wet stuff... it's Portland. Big surprise.
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Good Morning (even if it's almost noon here )

Our wind storm from last night has finally died down (Yay!) and now we're gtting more snow. DH is at work and I'm just puttering around the house until my mom arrives for lunch - we're going for seafood and going quilt shopping with some of our Christmas money, so it should be a fun afternoon.

The fuzzballs are both sleeping in front of the furnace grill - I think the wind kept them up last night so they're cathcing up on thier sleep now.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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