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It's been a while....

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I haven't been here in a while but we moved and now things have finally settled down into a routine.

I have updates. The last time I wrote I was trying to find a foster home for our cat Sawyer until we moved into our own place. Well we found him a foster home, and we were sending food and getting updates on how Sawyer was handling the change.

Sad to say, when we moved into our own place, our foster parents pleaded to keep Sawyer. Our foster family's six year old daughter became very attached to Sawyer, and Sawyer apparently did the same. He even slept in her bed, which he didn't do with us . So after a talk with my husband and some tears we let Sawyer stay with them. I was sad, but didn't think my husband was because he had given off the attitude of it is what it is, but later he told me he misses Sawyer and was sad that Sawyer wanted to stay.

So we decided to wait on getting a replacement cat right away. Well in November I let my hubby know I missed having a cat and wanted to start looking. So it took about a month, but yesterday we just picked up two male cats from the shelter. We didn't (I didn't) want to separate the two. So now we have Rocky and Apollo. Right now they are hiding in my closet. So they are getting used to their new place.

Yesterday was a long day for them. They got their FeLV/FIV tests (negative). They also got most tests and their deworming and fecal exams. They are due to get their booster shots in two weeks, and their neutering in a month.

Phew, that's a lot. Okay now my question.

The shelter said they were both 8 months (they look older than that, they are 10.8 and 10.9 lbs respectfully). I'm kind of nervous. They get neutered next month, and I've read getting this procedure done by six months is ideal. Do you guys think I'm going to have a problem with spraying or calling? I'm hoping I don't. Everyone tells me that the odor they have when they spray is pretty rough. Right now, Rocky meows a great deal at night, but other than that they are pretty laid back.

I've tried playing with them, but they don't seem interested yet, which I attribute to them being in a new place. Like I said they're in the closet right now so I'm letting them get comfortable.
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All cats are different but, I found a male stray that was about 16 months old when I had him fixed and I haven't had any problems with him spraying. Good luck.
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Not to panic! If their urine starts to smell strongly in the box it's time to go ahead and go to the vet. Even if they were to spray somewhere around the house, having them neutered young reduces the likelyhood that they'll continue that behavior. Besides, there's a lot of theories on what age you should do the surgery. Many vets are waiting until later anyway. Some kitten's aren't ready at the age of 6 months.
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Thanks for the advice. I can't wait to get them neutered. That urine smell is very strong. Having neutered and spayed cats spoiled me. I just got natures miracle and cleaned and sprayed the box so it doesn't smell as bad.

Also another question. I have two litterboxes. They only seem to use one though. Is this normal?
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Yes, some cats just aren't that picky. Most discussions on the forum recommend one box for each cat plus one extra. I've never found I needed that with my cats. I've always kept 2 jumbo boxes for four cats without incident. I keep them scooped though. I just got a Litter Robot so we'll see how that goes in the future. I'm hoping to use just it but the gang is still adjusting so we've one of their old boxes still out.
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I have always had 2-3 cats with 2 boxes. I am lucky that my cats have never been picky about boxes or litter. Once they are comfortable in their new environment they may use both boxes. One probably feels safer right now. They will come around to you once they have adjusted.
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I would also recommend two litter boxes at different ends of the home, this will help discourage spraying. Also Feliway is great for this very thing. Why do you have to wait a month to have them neutered? You mentioned they were tested and dewormed, was this by the shelter veterinarian or your veterinarian? Sounds like a bit of extra testing and first set of vaccines should have been administered. Never the less you are an for taking both brothers in and obviously giving them a great home! Also have to say, I love the names!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!
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Thanks I have pictures of Rocky, but Apollo has been shy for the moment. Well the reason why we are waiting a month is because my husband is a pet nurse for a hospital, and since the cats are 8 almost 9 months we'd have to pay out of pocket for the neutering, so they reaged the cats as 5 months from the day we took them in for testing, and next month they will be "six" months old.

Our aparment is really small, so the two boxes are near each other. Ever since I put the new box out, their pee hasn't been as strong smelling. They use whichever box they see fit now. Oh and yes I am NO stranger to feliway lol. I have used it successfully every time we had our cats, in fact, one is plugged in right by their food and where they play. I love that stuff.
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