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Showing my cats

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Hi, my name is Julie and I am a new member to your forum. I have never shown any of my cats, but would like to start. How do I know that my cat/kitten is of show standard (without going to visit a number of shows beforehand), to me they are all worthy of recognition for one thing or another. I have read breed profiles but they are all so different. Are there any experienced show owners out there that can give me tips on what to look for in a good show cat. The things I should do for my first show, how to behave, what to ask without looking too much of a novice, do you enter certain classes (as in horse showing) or do the judges pick out cats for certain awards. Are there any books on the subject. Any info would be appreciated, however small. Thanks, Julie
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I'm learning to be a judge and I have judged small shows , It really depends what breed of cat you have and if you have pictures or not then I could help you , I'm a good Expert on Persians, Exotics & Birmans , I'd like to help
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