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my neighbor and i feed 6 strays in an office parking lot nightly. 2 males, 3 females (all torties) and 1 we're not sure of. we borrowed a havaheart trap from a friend and right now we got tortie #2 at the vet getting spayed. we're splitting the cost between us. 2 down 4 to go. we're trying for the females first before they go into heat or get pregnant. we found a vet that opens at 7am and lets us bring one at a time in in the morning without an appointment.
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That's great!!!! What a wonderful thing you are doing for those kitties!
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Katie's right - what a wonderful caring thing to do!

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Way to go! Team work is awesome. My neighbor years ago did the same thing with me.

Good luck with your efforts
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That's great. You're doing a wonderful thing for those kitties!
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we got #3 fixed. a very friendly black male. he had been limping on his right hind leg so we told the vet to check it out while he was beeing neutered. they charged us $34 for doing it. it counted as an office visit. but he also gave him a shot of antibiotics and a shot of cortizone for which he didn't charge us anything. we were totally surprised that there's still vets like that out there. the neutering was $15.
3 more to go.
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we caught #4 sunday night, a female. she got fixed yesterday and released today. the vet said she was in heat. now we got 2 left, one male and one we think is male but not sure.
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Wow your doing a great job. It's a great feeling to get them taken care of. I had a litter of kittens and the mama that I had to trap and get done and released them. I kept the 2 less healthy of the 6. I would have kept them all but I have other cats in the house. Good luck with the rest of them.
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we trapped #5 the other night. we thought it was a boy but it was a girl. black, long-haired with dark yellow eyes. it took us 3 nights and we re-trapped Shadow, the friendly black male. on the 3rd night we put tuna and fresh homegrown catnip inside the trap and lightly sprayed the cover of the trap with Feliway and we got her. so far we got 1 male and 4 females fixed and released. the last one is going to be the tough one. he's a big gray male with yellow eyes and we think he's a Japanese Bobtail so we named him Bob. the first time he set eyes on the trap he took off.
i'm so glad at least we got all the females fixed.
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