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Sunday! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Another snowy one here, we actually lost power for 4 hours this morning which is always an adventure in the winter.

I just lite the fireplace and the kitties and I huddled around it like pioneers. Well not quite that bad but it did get a little chilly towards the end.

Guess snow clean-up is in my plans for today. After that I am going to be adventurous and walk down to the corner store for a newspaper. Other then that it's another day of just puttering around the house.

The kitties are good, all snoozing in front of the fireplace right now, I don't have it on a whole lot but they sure love it when it is.

Everyone have a good day and try and stay warm
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i got more snow as well, i already did most of my sunday cleaning, later on i will have to go food shopping....ugh....not looking forward to that! but for now im just going to relax and worry bout food shopping later, i had a hard time sleeping last night, BF was being a very difficult sleeper and would not move over and give me room, so finally i had to get up and go sleep in the other room, then i guess he wakes up and notices im gone and starts yelling for me and wakes me up again! so finally at 9am i gave up and said forget it, ill just stay up for the day...and of corse he is still fast alseep, im about to get some revenge and wake him right now!
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The snow we got yesterday turned icy overnight... I'm supposed to go to work at 11:30 this morning... but we'll see. I'll call around 10 and find out. I doubt I'll even attempt to get my car out of the parking lot. They won't de-ice or shovel it... and it's not safe. Buses and MAX train are a little behind, but if i leave early enough, I may be able to swing it... getting home may be another matter, though. So, we'll see... I may end up staying home... I'll find out in an hour or so.

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We didn't get near as much snow as they forecasted. Just a light dusting. No complaints from me, aside from it being really COLD.

It's a lazy Sunday for the most part. I have to do the snake feedings (that takes a few hours) and make some date squares for my hubby to take to work... I made em last year, and they've been requested again this year
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It rained over night and everything is coated in ice. It's not supposed to warm up until Wednesday.

Mom is baking. Hubby has gifts to wrap. I think I will catch up on laundry and put the beads on the tree.

Definitely a day to stay inside where it's warm.
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Snowing again this morning. We ended up not getting to the stores last night, because my fiance said the roads were bad. It was supposed to stop at some point yesterday, but I don't know if it actually did. We're supposed to get maybe another foot between today and tonight.

So we're staying in today. Cleaning up the apartment and finishing wrapping Christmas presents. Nice relaxing day, before I go back to work tomorrow after a 5 day vacation. Ugh.

Have a good day.
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We got another 3-4 inches last night but now have the artic blast and its really windy. Its warmed up to -3F (-19C) but wind chills are -25F (-32C). Neil snowblowed just parts of driveway-we will have to see what it looks like this evening. Parts we didn't clear and have drifts over 3 ft in spots!! Across the road is a empty cornfield and there are many smaller drifts of snow-looking like frozen waves. The family room is toasty warm with the wood stove the other rooms are much colder.

Started some cleaning and holiday decorating-taking a break as Neil is wrapping presents!!

And early night for me as the next three days I start work at 6 am!
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My plan? Survive the day...and try to do a little Christmas shopping if I feel so inclined....although i'm not sure what to shop for.
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Unfortunately, I think I'm going to be having an argument with DD, if she ever drags herself out of bed. Wish DH wasn't working today; I might need him to keep me calm.
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well since its snowing....NOTHING....I think I COULD work on my 2nd quarter grades....or catch up on some reading...but most likley i will just plop down in front of the TV and catch up on House
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an update of sorts... I bundled up and hauled my bee-hind outside to try and survey the damage to the parking lot and my car. There's a 1/4 inch or so of solid ice over all the snow, and where there isn't snow, it's on the ground... which makes for some walking. I got to my car and the same solid 1/4 inch of ice covers my car. I ran the defroster for about ten minutes (engine running, even though gas prices are down, I'm still not gonna waste gas), with nary a difference in the sheet of ice on my windshield. Actually it's cover all the surfaces of my car. I've tried calling work nearly nonstop... no one's picking up. I contemplated walking to the nearest auto parts place about 8 blocks away... but they're not open Sunday.

And to top it off? I let one of my neighbors borrow my only scraper... and she said she'd return it to my apartment... it's been an hour... no such luck. so, now I'm also out a scraper... I really don't like this neighborhood.

I left a message at work to call me about whether to come in... no return call... so I just left another one... saying I'm not coming in... haven't heard a single bus, saw one when I went back out, but going the wrong direction... I doubt the store will be open today...

So, I guess I'll continue cleaning up and maybe pull out the cookie book and make some cookies... I don't have the room to do cut outs for sugar cookies... I wonder what they'd be like if i just smushed them? Not rolling them out and using cutters...

I may just try it to see... muaahaahaa!!!!

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chocolate and peanutbutter chip cookies
gum drop bread
and tortiers
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Baby it's cold outside!!!!
I hate winter have I said that already??
I'm ready for summer, or at least an early thaw...
It's -25 with the wind chill today and it's not going to get much better tomorrow.
They've already called me off for 6 hours tomorrow and said to come in at 11 instead of 5. They don't expect to be busy at all then....
I hope this is the LAST winter storm we have to deal with. This is icky!!!
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Today was an early morning, ugh. I had told Rob yesterday I wouldn't get upset if he went to work today, because it will help him get ahead with a job he needs to have done by Tuesday. So he got up at 6:30ish and I rolled out of bed around 7am because I was dropping him off so I could use the car.

Got my hair dyed black, then went grocery shopping so he didn't have to "suffer" through it I know he'd rather NOT be grocery shopping after work. Picked him up at 3:15 and then came back to do a walk through in our house. I cannot wait to get in there!! They said we should be able to start moving our stuff in as soon as they get the certificate of occupancy, which should be around the first week of January!

Then I cooked some pork chops and creamed corn for dinner (and for his lunch tomorrow). He went out to the storage unit with his dad and brother to unload the washer and dryer, only to find out they forgot the key to the unit! Brought that to them, then picked up some drag wheels for my Camaro since we found a good deal on them. Stopped to get a hot fudge sundae at the Tastee Freez down the street.

Now Rob is taking a shower and we're getting ready for bed. Gonna be a few early mornings for this 3 day work week!
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Well i was at Tristans this weekend, and yesterday we did the whole Christmas dinner/present thing with his family. We filled up on beautiful roast chicken with stuffing, lots of roast veges, stuffed mushrooms and a plum pudding & custard that his mum makes.

I got home with a very happy stomach
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I didn't do much today. I went to the library, only to get there and before I even managed to get to the desk a fire alarm went off, so I went across to the mall for lunch, then back to the library because it was too darn cold to stand outside! I had a nap, opened my SS shipping box, vacuumed and just vegged out.
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