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my cat is overweight

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I really want her to lose weight! Lately she's been making grunty noises when she breathes and wheezes at times. Been feeding her Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Adult Light formula except I leave it out all day for free-feeding and that's the first step I'm going to take.
Once this bag of food is done then she's going to move to a different brand because they're adding cellulose to their kibble. After the whole fiasco with tainted gluten in pet food I'm not going to let my cats have any of that anymore.
Would my cats be better off eating wet food instead of dry food for their major meals? They'll still get dry food because it's good for their teeth. I don't want her to go on a crash diet since I don't want the fat loosening up and going everywhere making the problem worse when it should be getting better.
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Most cats lose weight on a wet diet, partly because they eat at scheduled times, not all day. As for dry food cleaning their teeth, I personally think that's rubbish.
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There are only a handful of drys proven to aid in cleaning teeth ...

WT control is often higher in carbs , cats need protein and fat ... Wet can help in many cases

HOW much should kitty weigh per the vet ?? If kitty truely is very overwt your vet and you need to work together
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I agree that a vet check and working with your vet is the way to go. My boy was overweight - with the help of the vet, we determined a measured amount of food (I do dry and wet, due to my work schedule), and he lost a little over three pounds and is much better. Many vets are very aware of obesity in the pet population and will work with you - I know mine will let you bring the cat in for multiple weight checks at no charge. It can be dangerous to lose too much too fast. And you can't just reduce "X" food by some percentage and be healthy in a lot of cases - some of the weight reduction formulas are specially designed to ensure kitty is getting enough protein and other essential elements, even with less food being put down. Light formulas are not quite the same as the prescription only foods for the truly obese animal - but the vet can go over that with you if it's applicable.

Also, even if kitty doesn't want to exercise much, remember that even laying on her back pawing at a feather toy is some exercise - but check with your vet about how much exercise to introduce, and how. It's like working with a human to lose weight. Calories used have to exceed calories taken in.

The cellulose is not necessarily 'evil',IMO - it's probably that company's approach to adding fiber to the weight loss formula so kitty doesn't feel so hungry during the day. I had Dante on Nutro Max hairball formula for his initial weight loss period, as it does have a bit more fiber in in.

But, I honestly suggest you talk with your vet as well as do internet research. Tell the desk you want to set up a weight control appointment, so vet will be ready for the discussion when you bring your cat in. Good luck - it is hard when they look at you.
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In addition to all the excellent advice above, don't forget to play with her every day. The exercise will help and playing says "I love you" to a kitty. Good luck!
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Does a hard pretzel clean your teeth? Dry food is not better for the teeth. Even if it was, what would make the teeth more important then the kidneys for example? In any event

Canned foods no grains or a raw food diet is what a cat needs. Cats are carnivores.
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