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All of my other pets. (Picspam, beware)

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An updated list, with pics, of my animals. XD

Kylene, my three year old female cockatiel. =) I got her in my senior year of high school after falling in love with two cockatiels in my Animal Sciences class. She loves head scritches. <3 She's just a normal female. ^_^

Amante, my male. He's about 2 and a half years old. He is in love with Ky (they mate whenever I put them together for a few minutes. =P He doesn't care for me much. I bought him to be a companion for Ky while I was in college. I have been off-and-on training him to "shake hands" and "high-five", but since we don't have much of a bond, it doesn't always feel "worth it". =P He is a cinnamon pearl lutino, but, being a male, lost his pearl colouring after his first molt. His cinnamon colour is hard to capture with a camera.

This last pic shows his cinnamon colour. It is the very, very subtle brownish tinge on his wings and back. I didn't know he was cinnamon until I found what was called "dirty lutino" on a tiel breeders website. I emailed her with this picture, and she confirmed that she has no doubt he is also a cinny. =)

Chloe, my newest baby. She is maybe a year and a half. I bought her this last July, because I suffered the great loss of losing my baby Sierra, due to a stupid accident that was my fault. I would have liked to rescue a cockatiel, but Chloe and her nestmates had been in this particular store for months and months and were unlikely to ever be sold. She was untamed when I bought her, and unused to being handled, so she has been quite a challenge to tame. Her little head crest is always slicked back like this. XD She is a pearl female.


Siamese Fighting Fish

Rosette, my oldest female. I've had her for a little over a year now, which means she's probably about...a year and a half old, maybe a little bit younger. When I bought her, she was pure, bright pink. She must have some marble genes in her. I bought her with a sister, Undine, who was blue, but sadly, Undine died a couple of months later. She's a normal veiltail from Petco.

When she was still very young.

Her eyes have gotten so dark. =3

Banana, my yellow male halfmoon, also from Petco. He, I suspect, is a tail biter. -_- Just when I think it's healing up nicely from the damage done to it by a rough plastic plant, more of it disappears. I've had him for a while...I can't quite remember when I bought him, but it's been a few months. He's pretty mellow.

Old pic from when I first got him.

Asura, another normal veiltail girl. I bought her from a Petsmart, because her colour was so unique-looking. She is quite the cow, eating everything and anything she can. She gets along well with other fish (not bettas, of course). I've had her for a couple of months.

Falcigera, a beautiful male black orchid veiltail. I saw him at the Petsmart I work at, and just had to take him home. He loves flaring at Rosette, and has many countless bubblenests for her. =P Poor thing doesn't know he hasn't got a chance with her. XD He is very personable, and loves eating frog food.

More on next post~
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Andole, my newest male, combtail. I saw him at work, too, and wanted him. Just got him a few days ago, actually. He's currently chilling out in a 20, in a breeder trap (which is keeping him away from Asura). He'll be moving soon, once I get things set up the way I want...=3

Dwarf Gourami
Rami, my only dwarf gourami, male. I've had him since September. He's usually very friendly towards me and excited to see me, but for the past couple of days, he's been pretty shy. I think it's due to the tank upgrade (10 gallon ---> 20 gallon). He gets along well with Asura, though if I put Asura in the tank before him after a revamping of the decorations, she chases him a lot.

Hiding. -_-

Old pic, to show off colours.

Paradise Fish

Well, she doesn't have a name. All I can think of is "One-eye", because that's what she is. She lost her right eye to her tank mates at my Petsmart, so I adopted her for free, and now she's in her very own 10 gallon tank. She has come out of her shell in the last week, which is very pleasing to me, since she's such a cool little thing. However, she wouldn't let me get any good pics of her today, so I'll use week-old pics. =P

I also have two African dwarf frogs (one male, one female) and four peppered cory catfish (two males, two females, I believe).

Here are my three tanks:

1st ten gallon:

~Banana, on far left
~Rosette, in middle
~Falcigera, Rana (female frog), and the male frog (nameless), in the far right

2nd ten gallon:


Twenty gallon:

~Andole, temporarily
~Four peppered cory cats (all nameless).

Within the next couple of weeks, I am planning on buying three or four new female bettas from my store and putting them in the 20 gallon, and move Rosette in as well, so I'll have a 5-6 female betta sorority. That will open up the middle section in the first ten gallon for Andole.

So much typing, so many pics! Hope you guys enjoyed all the picspam.
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gorgeous fishies. I used to breed bettas 7 yrs ago They are amazing fishes, with such personalities.

I'm not a bird person, but I like looking at pics. They are beautiful.

Thx for all the pix. It's nice to see other peoples pets.
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Thank you! It's nice to get nice comments on my lovelies. <3
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Your birds are adorable.Cockatiels are my favorite pet parrot ever.
Beautiful Bettas I love bettas and miss having them.I lost my last boy Liberty a few months ago.Plus your other 2 fishies are adorable too.
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Great pictures! I love how cheerful tiels look.
I am not really into birds,but they are cute.

The bettas are GORGEOUS!
I love Banana and his name too.
I don't have any bettas anymore...this thread makes me want them again!
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Thanks, guys. ^_^

Amante is singing, by the way. ;D
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Great pics!! Thanks for sharing
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What beautiful pets you have! I enjoyed the cockatiel photos, and yes I can see the cinnamon colouring on your boy Amante

I love bettas, and have one halfmoon boy named Jasper. Your tank set up is lovely as well, and to you for adopting poor One Eye
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what pretty animals
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I love cockatiels I used to have one named Mickey. He loved to talk and whistle. You betta's are stunning
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Awww! You have the cutest animals!!! That white cockatiel is gorgeous! Your fish are so pretty too! I love banana
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Oh, haha, thanks, guys.

I have also recently added onto the betta count...I had the three males and two females, right...?

Well. Now I have 11 females and four males. =P I would post pics of them all, but it would take up a lot of time and space. Just be sure, everyone is still happy and healthy. XD All the feamles, including the two that were pictured in the first posts, are in a 20 gallon with the dwarf gourami and four catfish. They squable, of course, but it is usually pretty peaceful. And my new male is a little doubetail betta. His name is Astra, and he was purpe white when I bought him for Christmas, but now he's got a tiny bit of black in both pectoral fins and over his top lip (like a moustache)..
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