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I have an about 4 month old kitty, (maybe), Levi, we got him about Oct 1st and he was said to be 9 weeks old then. He has started biting. grrr.. He is the SWEETEST baby ever, so I am wondering if it is teething or if it is time to get him fixed. Tonight is the first time he bit me and it hurt a bit, left a mark.

Any ideas??

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I got a new kitten and she bites alot because she is teething.
She is the same age as your cat and is fixed already.
Its normal for kittens to do that.
My other cats did the same thing as kittens.
How much does your kitten weigh?
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Get some fat plastic straws and throw some around for him to chew on. Our kitties loved those for when they were teething.
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Mine tried to chew my laptop.
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mine likes electrical cords ...

is he biting while playing? or did he just come up to you and bite you?

if it's while playing you can teach him pretty quickly not to bite... when he starts biting, just push him away and say no (not a hard push, but enough so he knows you mean business) I've only had my kitty (14 weeks old) a week and a half and he already knows not to bite... mind you he does tend to still get a little carried away sometimes, but a little push and an authorative no and he stops...

not sure if that helps, but I hope so
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Thanks to you that replied, I am trying the straws and to push him away as soon as he gets to that point!! I also read the behavior stuff and things to do.

Now his big thing is the Christmas tree climbing. I read someplace that squirt bottles are bad??? I don't know?? I even did the time out in the bathroom for 5 minutes!! He is driving me CRAZY.. He has stuffed toys that he plays with like a dog!! Maybe he is dog??

I can't remember who asked how much he weighs? I don't know, he is still little, but I think he will be big enough to get fixed next month!!!

Back to kitten training... GRR "LEVI NO UP THE TREE"

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I asked what he weighed.
My kitten is 4 pounds now.
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Sorry I didn't answer this sooner!

Well, I am not sure how much he weighs After my daughter gets outa school tomorrow, I will have her get on the scale and see what the diff. is. I can't do it cuz, I be tooooo big to read the NUMBERS and hold kitty!!!

I THINK that he should be big and old enough next month to get fixed. I will talk to the vet, cuz I need to get that certificate for free or near to free cat fixin'....

Here in CA, when I had my older cat fixed like 7 or so years ago, they did it for FREE, and billed MediCal, our low income insurance. Now, I am perminately disabled and live on SSI, so I will check to see if this is still an option!!
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He is old enough to get fixed now.
Cleo was in Nov and she is the same age as your cat.
Let me ask Edna what she payed.
She lives in Fresno and is on what your are.
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He is old enough to get fixed. Check with your vets office to see if you can get a voucher from the humane society so it will be for free.

Biting at this age has really nothing to do with being neutered or not. It's just a kittens way. Also, climbing the tree....well, good luck. The best thing I found when mine were kittens is spraying boundary around the base of the tree. You can get it online, or most pet stores/feed stores sell it. It is VERY potent, and you're house will stink for a little while but it disapates and humans can't smell it after about an hour. Cats can smell it for up to 24 hours. It kept my kittens away until I got lazy about spraying it!

Other option is just make sure he has enough toys to keep him busy and try to get his attention away from the tree. Yeah, easier said than done, I know. They do behave better when they get older, believe me. I raise 5 kittens from the bottle and they are all still here, so I know what you're going through!
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