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I don't think you even need to question your decision to take the cat. Cat's don't really belong to anyone (mine certainly doesn't - she left someone else for me and is free to do the same to me if she chooses, even if I hope she doesn't). Had you taken the cat by breaking and entering, then you'd have had a legal issue.

As to the human situation, you are in a very tricky position. You can't interfere but you are absolutely right to keep a watching brief and for the child to know that you are there for her. It is desperately sad that any child has to live in such an environment and I hope Ivy isn't too damaged by the experience. Unlike others here, I feel deeply sorry for your cousin too. I can't imagine how anyone can let themselves descend into a morass so deep and be so unaware of the damage they are doing themselves and those for whom they have responsibility. Unfortunately, most times, those in positions like that cannot be helped. They have to really want to get out of the situation with all their beings and be incredibly brave to make it. Oft times they also push away the very interventions that may help them.

I hope everyone involved finds a way through.