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My cats are so lucky their cute!

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Okay well here's the thing, usually Snow sleeps on top of a little craft center I have for my god daugter. There is a blanket that is always on there and she just loves it. However I just finished washing our comforters. I tossed them on the bed just to throw another load of laundry in. Well I am gone for 2 minutes. 2 FREAKING MINUTES! I come back into the bedroom to find Snow all nuzzled up inside the blankets. I know AWWWW. However I went to move her so I could put the comforters on the bed properly. She looks up at me hisses and then takes off to her kittens. Brat! I put the first comforter on, then realize just as I go to put the second on that Celine is under the first. I pull the comforter back, scoot her out. Place it properly AGAIN and then Jasmine jumps up on top. So I scoot her off. Run to the washroom. Darn pregnancy! Well not paying really paying attention I throw the second one on the bed. Both Celine and Jasmine are under that one. So there I go pulling back a comforter for the THIRD time. I scoot them off AGAIN then fix the comforter. I throw a couple pillows and up they jump on the pillows. Scoot them off and throw on more pillows.. And it repeats 2 more times. At this point I'm getting a little frustrated with them. So I scoot them out of the room, shut the door, and finish making the bed. I open the door and up they jump onto the bed to beat up my MR. Bunny. (cuddle toy since I was just a wee little lassie) I though aww cute. But at the same time thinking MY BUNNY!!
My cats are quite the characters. Your cats ever torment you like that?
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OMG YES! I have to keep a can of air freshener or a can of body spray close, so as soon as they get on the bed, I spray it in the air over the bed and they run. Now, all I have to do it pick up the can and they run. I did the same thing to keep them away from the front door since they are indoor cats and they always try to get out.
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