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Scratching Post...Advice given

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Okay so this is how I got my kitten to use a sisal covered post. He would scratch on the kitchen chair at time...so each time I caught him I just said no. And then I'd take him to his post and put his paws on it...he hated that. So...I have a mouse on a stick that squeaks, so I tied that around the post and stuck some fresh catnip though the mouse. Well he played with the mouse and would jump on the post and dig his claws in. He'd just jump all over the post and cling to him. Eventually he just started using in for scratching...it took about 2 weeks to get him to do it.
But sticking a toy to it was a good idea....

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thanks for the info, I will try that, as my kitties never use the sisal one, but love all the others...I have been trying to get them to use the sisal one, but they just bite it? it's the one that hang from the door...
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Swell trick!!

My method: i scratch the post with my nails whenever we hang around the sisal post (it is on a column, at the side of their tree.)

Daisy got the idea. Venus, not yet.

Here is a pix of my darling Daisy at the sisal post:

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Good idea. I used the scratching method and the toy on a stick method - JC got the idea right away. He likes really high posts - anything under 3 feet isn't interesting (he's very long). One book I read said to draw "scratches" on the post with a felt-tip marker. I never tried it, but it is an interesting idea!
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HI jc i was looking at your cat and it is soo cute my cat wendy is the same colors and has a mask on her face to . lololo
talk to ya
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I just saw Wendy's picture in your other post - they do look alike. Keep an eye out for pictures of Smudge and Spike - they have very similar markings, too. Welcome to the forums.
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