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Pets/Friends for Life

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A video I made to help. Just quickly threw it together and thought I'd share.

Rate and comment if you like.

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Awesome!! So good to see the animals allowed some freedom of movement. I am so saddened volunteering at the shelter watching stressed cats in tiny cages with NO time out to stretch or scratch. There is barely room for a kitten litter pan and a small bed for an adult cat. The food and water bowls are wedged next to the bed. Are there no laws regulating how they are housed? Sorry about the rant.

Enjoyed seeing the relaxed atmosphere. Good job with the video.
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Thank you.

But I just now realize I made a few typos. Oops!
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That was absolutely beautiful! Don't worry about spelling, you definately get your point across!

Your video really touched me, i have tears down my cheeks right now! I have so much respect for individually run shelters, I know how much work it takes, and how there's never money when you need it...but yet, wonderful people like you never give up!

I'm from Niagara Falls, Ontario, currently up in Oshawa taking a veterinary assistant course. (decided after 6 years of housekeeping, i needed to do what i was meant to!) Anyhow, I would really love to come by for a visit, possibly take someone home if I pass with honours *crosses fingers* (hubby can't say no to honours! LOL)

Keep up the good work, and keep your chin up, you're doing an amazing job there, and the cats look so happy!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
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That is a great video. I would love to come see your shelter one day. (you're only bout 1hr 15-30 away from me)

I love the open concept... that was what I was looking for when I was searching for a cat. I don't know why I didn't happen across your shelter when I was searching tho. That's the type of atmosphere that truly allows a person to find the right cat for them, which in turn leads to not as many adoptees being returned or let loose, etc.

In my search for my kitty, I looked at a local shelter...they too have a cat room. There are cages in the room, assumably for kitties who need to heal from operations and such. But there was only 1 kitty in a cage when I went. There was about 6 in the room...(dunno why so little, on petfinder they had more listed).

It was nice to walk in and have the kitties come to me... I could see which kitty was personable, and who was not. Two hid the whole time I was there...those were not kitties for me.

That is not what you experience going to a shelter of cages... of course most of the caged cats will come up to you...they want outta their cages. But that doesn't give the person looking for a kitty, a truthful emotion from the kitty. Free-roaming kitties, like your shelter, will be able to show their true feelings, and pick the right person for them.

Sorry for running off my mouth LOL...it happens.
Anyways, great work on the video
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Thank you very much.

We've been through a lot the past month or so with another youtube video an animal activists group made becasue they don't like our open concept. They think all the cats become sick and diseased that way. While some things are easier transferred, the main disease that all rescues have problems with is the URI, and that is airborne so caging them does nothing at all.
While we do have 9 cages up currently, there is just no more room for them out with everyone else, and we can't have them running free around the office as they would be able to run right out the door when people came in.
They don't seem to mind it too much, I think it bothers us more than it bothers them. They are probably just happy to be inside from the outside.

If you ever do come in, let me know when you would try to come and I can be there and give you the grand tour.
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Sarah, I am so glad you made a video so people can see what your shelter is really like Hopefully it sets the record straight on some of the things that awful guy said in his.

Not all cats in cages don't get time out. We have cages (not in all rooms) in the shelter I volunteer at, but nothing is wedged together and every animal gets plenty of time out of their cage to play for at least an hour at a time and more time out for snuggles with people too.
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