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Help! I need some advice....

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My cat G is stuck up in a tree, she is pretty far up there! She never
learned how to get back down. She was not around her mom long enough
for that. She has been up there probably since 4 and I thought I had lost
her, the temperature is going down, and it's 31 right now! Help!!!

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum!
That is her in my avatar!
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How far up is she? Could you place a ladder up against the tree and meet her half way? Possibly coax her with treats? There has to be a way to assist her down, just try and do some brain storming.......If that doesn't work, theres always the fire department.
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Since I live out of city limits, the fire department couldn't send a fire
truck out here, but I called them anyway, talked to two guys, and
we hung up the phone, I told them don't come, but the head fireman, called me right back and said, "I am going to send the rescue unit, it doesn't
have a ladder, but they wanted to see if they could help you anyway!" I said, "did your conscious get the best of you?"
I told him that was ok, I appreciate them trying to help. He said, "They are
already on the way!" Bless their hearts, it wasn't a couple of minutes and they pulled up in the driveway, in a big ambulance/rescue, got out and tried for the last 45 minutes. She is not budging!
I hope she will hang on until morning. She looks like she is trying to rest.
It is so cold, and I know she is exhausted and hungry! I will be up all night!
please pray and send some vibes!!
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When I was a teen, we had a cat stuck on the top of a telephone pole! I spent a couple of hours talking him down. I just kept it up and he finally jumped down to me. I really hope G decides to come down!
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Could you set a mattress or something down for her to jump and possibly not get hurt? Is she on a large branch? Maybe you can throw a rope over the branch, tie a box or crate to it, and raise it enough for her to hop in. Lure her with something stinky?
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She most likely won't come down without jumping or walking on brunches... The problem is the shape of the cats claws - they are great to climb up, but they have no grip at all to climb down... Is there anyway anybody can go up? How high is she? When the morning comes, who is going to get her out of there? Poor kitty... I am sorry! Hang in there!
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she is about 30 ft up! I am going to walk to my parents which is next door, and get my dad's ladder, it is pretty lg. and I hope I can carry it in the dark, back over here, I still don't think I can reach her! I can't stand it any longer, I did just put tuna out there, it would have to be the coldiest night ever!
can you say "SCREAM" I am about to crawl out of my skin! This is one of those times in my life when I feel so alone!! I guess I mean it's in my face!(being alone)
It's just a test to see if can do the things that I thought at one time I couldn't of!going to get the ladder, pray for no accidents ....thanks! Ya'll are making me feel like I can cope with this! Everyone here is asleep, Jace is sick running fever! Test Test Test! must have been my turn!?
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Oh no, is she down yet? Please tell us she's okay!

I thought the mattress idea was a good one... might inspire her confidence...
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OMG... what a bad new my friend....
Did you try with some wet food?... maybe the hungry make get down...
for can get down slowly and don´t be hurt.......
Oh monique.... I wished live near to your area so I can help you with the ladder....

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My Sheba years ago climbed our light pole in the yard about 18 ft up in the winter (snow on ground) and stayedup there for several hours. She did come down with coaxing though.
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You poor thing - sick child, cat in a tree, freezing temps
Bless those firemen for coming out and trying anyway.
If she still won't come down, you could call a tree service or maybe you could find a compassionate utility worker, since it's the weekend. Maybe you could post online at and ask them for advice on getting assistance.
Best yet if G will come down by herself. Sending prayers and vibes that Jace is much better today and that G comes back inside
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How is she?? How are you???
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Hey, sorry to hear it. You are right to be concerned. Some will come down other will NOT and yes they die up there. Here's what you can do:

Try with the ladder - I did this once on a 20 ft tree with Shebs who was
chased up by a dog - she climbed onto my shoulder/back and held on as I went down the ladder.

Second - I rescuded a cat from a 100 ft tree once - with the help of a tree arborist/climber - he used to climb telephone poles and do tree trimming etc.
He had the climbing spikes - he repaired telephone poles also - a phone company employee I think that did the tree trim on the side - and he clibmed with belt and spikes on his boots up and got the cat down. I paid him like 100 bucks - and that cat was up there 3 days and nights in NY! He wasn't cominb down. The owner, who had heard him , wasn't doing anythign to get the cat down. You might look for someone like that in the phone booki?

Sorry to not be more helpful. I really want to see you get him down.

I've also talked a scared cat in a thunderstorm down from a palm tree she
climbed - about 30/40 ft I think, and she sort of dropped to the gound and landed in my arms, LOL.

keep at it and bless you for trying!
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Oh no!! Is she down yet? for her and you!
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She is down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the prayers, words of wisdom, and encouragement! I was
about to crack! I had finally gotten ahold of a man whom cuts trees
for people, he said he would come check out the situation, when he
arrived, she had come down about 5 ft. and all he did was grab the
ladder, and start popping it against the tree, of course she got scared
and before I knew it she was down!
WHEW!!!! hope that will have a lasting impression on her!! It did me!


And Jace is feeling tons better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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HOORAY---Let's celebrate!!!! TCS prayers and vibes have worked wonders again I am so happy for you - Have a wonderful weekend
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Thank Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, she is going to be spoiled rotten today!
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thanks to Lord!...
thanks for the update my friend...

AND DO NOT do it again Miss kitty! you worried to all of us here...
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