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Not sure how to handle this foster situation

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I have been fostering Lucy and her three kittens since the kits were a week old. The no-kill shelter I am fostering for takes mom and the kits when the babies are 2 pounds. I took them all to the shelter today - thinking each of the kits weighed the 2 pounds. Turns out, the smallest, the girl, Magdelena, wasn't quite there yet.

The shelter kept mom and the two boys but I had to bring Maggie home. Now she's wandering around, crying. I know she's lonely but what can I do? She can't sleep with us, as three of our other cats already do and I am not sure if they'd be nice to her while we were sleeping. I also wanted to keep her in the room she's used to - with her litter box and fountain, etc.

Plus she's only eight weeks old and feel terrible about separating her from mom already. Any suggestions?
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The shelter that I foster for also requires a weight of 2 pounds for kittens, but I can't imagine why they would send just one home with you. Are they overcrowded? Most are, but it would probably have benefitted the kitten to be with her mom and siblings.
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I volunteer for the local shelter and I cannot understand sending you home with the one.

She must have been very close to the weight. I would feed her a good meal and take her back to the shelter.

If they will not take her with the others and her being that young I would consider bringing everyone home and sending all the siblings back at one time.

There is no good situation with homeless mom cats and kittens, but we can try. Best of luck to you and your foster fur family.
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Thanks, everyone. I ended up sleepiing in her room with her. She stayed close to me most of the night. She was the stand-offish one of the litter, so maybe this will benefit her.

Yes, the shelter is overcrowded. They were pretty sure her brothers would be adopted soon, as they had very few kittens. Mommy is so laid-back and friendly, they won't have a problem with her, either. I just felt so badly for this baby.

However, she's holding her own. We did bring her in and introduced her to our cats. Each reacted in their individual way and everyone's OK with it. We're keeping an eye on her - I think she'll be fine - if a little traumatized.

She only weighs 1 pound, 7 ounces, so she was a good six ounces less than the brothers. I think she had to fight for every scrap, as she growls when she eats. It is too funny to hear this deep growl from this teeny tiny kitten.
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