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Just me ?

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I posted earlier about the awful roads. I kept the kids home today. We had a wonderful fun day. The police have warned people to stay home. drive only if you absolutely have to. My neighbour phoned and asked why I kept the kids home. I told her I'm not driving in this, She tells me, the buses are running. Hers go to a different school. If the police say it's not safe to drive, Why do they run the school buses?
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Because the schools themselves have to get permission to close. Sometimes they're not allowed or they've already used up some of their alloted snow days - my school always did that. They'd let out school during the fall on Fridays because of away games, and so that most of the teachers could attend.
End result, school open and buses running when they shouldn't during the winter and some accidents. Luckily that time the bus just went off the road and didn't tip over.
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When my son was attending school and the authorities warned peeps to stay home due to bad weather conditions, I wouldn't allow him to go to school - regardless if whether or not the buses were running. Nine times out of ten they'd end up closing down the schools, anyway.
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