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Oh this is so sad to read, i'm so, so sorry

Popsie will be well looked after at the bridge by all the other TCS cats, and he'll be waiting for you when the time is right Were all here if you need to talk about your baby boy


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i'm so sorry about popsie. i know how much you love him.
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RIP sweet Popsie, knowing how much you are loved.
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I am so sorry to hear of Popsie's passing. He knew how much he was loved We will certainly miss him around here, too.
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Thank you all for the kind words and gifts. I love you guys. I'm hanging in there, of course some moments are harder than others. I'm waiting for him to come visit me but I figure he's probably partying down at the RB. DH and I are living with his Grandma and she has two cats. One of them is black and white like my Popsie boy and he's really taken a liking to me. This helps with the loss of my boy a bit. No other cat will ever replace my crazy guy though.
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Amy, I can't believe I missed this. I hope it's getting easier as time passes. Your signature is a fitting tribute to your beautiful boy! I bet Grandma's cat knows you have a space to fill and is trying to help ease you pain. Perhaps he's already come (by way of this other kitty) and you just haven't caught on yet. I'm only a call away if you wanna chat!

Popsie, Keep and eye on your mommy. She misses you. We all do! And remember to send her a new kitty to love when she's ready.
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I just saw this thread . . . I am so sorry.

Oliver and Rocky send hugs and bunts too.

Play happily over the Bridge, Popsie. We miss you!
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i haven't been around for a while and i was so sad to see this news about popsie. he has been a real star around here and has given us so many smiles.

for you.

RIP little guy.
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I am so sorry to hear about Popsie, Amy.
I just saw your signature in the CL and rushed over here.

RIP Popsie
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Oh, no, so sorry to hear this.
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I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you're going through. I lost my 7-year-old Maxwell on November 17th completely unexpectedly. I still have days where I cry over him. I miss him so much.
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