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I Got My Penpal Package Today!!!

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How exciting! I got a magnet, a shot glass and a very cute notecard! Thanks to my Penpal! I will take pics later on and post them when I get a chance.

Are the Penpals supposed to remain anonymous? Are they secret penpals?

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Here are the pics. The shot glass that I got today from my penpal is on the top shelf, its the black one with the gold leaves on it It goes perfect wth my shot glass collection!

The note from my penpal is the one with the kitty and puppy on it, it's being held up by the bluish magnet also from my Penpal.


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That is so cool! I am still waiting for my pen pal note! I sent my penpals package quite a while ago. Wonder if it arrived???
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I didn't realize I was suppose to send a package
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I think we were allowed to send what we felt comfortable with, if that makes sense. I need to go out and get some nice recipe cards to send to my penpals.
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I am still working on mine! Part of it is ready and I hope to have it sent by next week!
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Haven't sent mine yet. I will do it this weekend for sure after seeing this thread!!
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Cool Gifts
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It's only a secret until you get your letter. Then you can share it with everyone! Ginger, was it a surprise for you?

BTW, I've been swamped with work this week and haven't had the time to write to my penpal. I'll be working on tomorrow and hopefully in the mail on Sunday!

Anyone else received letters yet?
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I got my letter today!From Okeefecl! It was really nice to hear from you!
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My penpal is still anonymous. Who sent me the lovely card and presents from Canada??? Please do tell

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I sent my "package" to my secret penpal on it should be there by the end of next week, at the latest! I still haven't received mine, but with the post office, it takes awhile!
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Darn it!!!! I have missed out on this whole penpal thing....this is the first I knew about it....I just don't get to read all the threads.. This sounds like so much fun!!!! Could someone tell me what this is about and is it too late to join?
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Shell has arranged this whole thing! I know others have missed out too so maybe you could get added soon. I'm willing to take on another pen pal any other takers?
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I guess I'm slow too.

I would to have a pen-pal.Anybody left??????
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If anyone would like to join, you can email me at
The first round of penpals in I'll put all the new names in for the next round. That will probably be within a couple of weeks.
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It sounds like fun if I had time. What exactly does it entail? I mean what do we have to do once we have our penpals? If it is just e-mailing or sending letters and pics through snail mail and such that would be great. If it is sending gifts and things too, that is wonderful excpet right now my money is a bit tight. Just curious what the details are. It is such a great idea Shell!!! If I can I will join in! I need to think about it a bit first. I am awfully quick to jump into things and then get in over my head expecially given how busy I am right now.
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CocoMaui, I'm glad you liked the gifts. I had NO IDEA you collected shot glasses. I have a whole bunch too!

Hello from Canada!
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there's a funny story behind the weird packaging...

After Valentine's day I bought some 75%off stuff. Thinking it was tissue paper (which I collect for gifts) I bought red and pink. Well, when this penpal thing came up I thought I'd wrap the gift in red tissue paper. I open the plastic covering and it turns out the 'tissue' is actually a vinyl table cover! ACK! Oh well, I decided to use it anyways. At least it would be waterproof right??
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IM slow to hopeing to get my penpal package out by friday triying to find someing from my small town to send.
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Thank-you to Sherral SO MUCH for all the wonderful stuff! My hubby and I had a great time opening them all. How exciting, ok enough talk, here's the pics!

You are so kind to include all that stuff! It was like Christmas, Thank-you!
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OMG OMG That is awesome You got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff , Well Done and Congrats Sherall on making someones day
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Tamme, Didn't Sherral make those necklaces? I thought she had told me that once before, but I could be wrong. They are beautiful! You really got some great stuff!

Good job Sherral!
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Thank you Tamme.Glad you enjoyed it! And yes shell I made the necklaces,but not the bracelet.
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Sherral you've outdone yourself!!! What a fantastic package Tamme!
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I just got my letter today from lauralvscats....Thanks Laura! I will be sending one back to you soon! (hopefully!)
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22angel - I rec'd my stuff from you - I can't wait to try the recipes - you will be getting a letter back!

Thank you
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I got mine today!!! Thank you so much Theresa!
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got my penpal package to day thanks to Big kat the shot glass and magnets are great agien thanks. Ps ill send a latter Back to you soon .
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