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Screaming Kitten

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My partner and I went away for one night and left Thomas home as we were assured it would be fine for a night. He was very happy to see us when we came back, but now whenever we leave the room he SCREAMS. We live in a small apartment building and are sure it will soon start to really bother the neighbors. It has been going on for about 6 hours now. Can anyone predict when this will stop / what we can do to get him to cut it out?
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I am not familiar with this type behavior.

Does he follow you when you leave the room or does he just sit and cry?

It would be important to make sure he did not injure himself or ingest something he shouldn't while you were away. Kittens are NOT the same as leaving an adult cat unattended overnight.

If he is a kitten then you are essentially dealing with the equivalent of a toddler. He may be thinking you are leaving him again and not coming back.

My thoughts would be to play interactively with him. String or feather toys.
Let him follow you for awhile.

Keep the TV or radio on a low volume when you leave the room. I would leave the TV on 24/7 when I had kittens and sometimes now for my adult cats.

Give him extra attention and playtime until he is reassured.

Again, I am just throwing out ideas. If he may be hurt or ill, a call or visit to the vet would be the best. Hope he settles down soon.
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Like Skimble has said if he's a kitten then he's probably been upset that he's been left on his own, and definitely check to make sure he hasn't chewed anything off if he's been bored.

Sounds like he needs some attention to me, and lots of it to make up for being on his own Have you thought of getting a playmate if your going to go away again?.
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