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We make about the same amount, so we split everything 50/50, it works well enough for us
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My husband and I lived separately before we got married, so we had our own expenses, etc. Right before we got married (like, a month before) we got a joint checking account, and started putting all our money in there. We give ourselves (each) $150/month to do what we want with, and the rest goes into various budgets. It's not my money anymore than it's his now, even though he makes more than I do.

We've got quite a bit in savings, and quite a bit more in a money market account (which isn't losing money, but isn't making much either). We've also started our retirement savings, and we're in our mid-20s.

This is the arrangement that works for US. It might not work for everyone, but we don't argue about money. We budget for upcoming things, and we don't have to ask the other if we spend out of our $150/month.

No matter that you do decide, it should be what YOU and your SO feel comfortable with. Good luck!!!
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Before we were married we started using an account as a "joint" account for ease of paying bills (my honey didn't always pay things on time if he did the bills). Right after we got married, we made it an official joint account. All the money goes into that account, and all the bills get paid out of it. If we split 50/50 I'd have nothing since I am not working right now--full time student again. When we first were living together I was full time at a 4 yr school and working part time, where he was working full time and being paid well. So it was more of a 60/40 arrangement on rent and stuff. It's never really been "his" or "my" money since we got married, just "ours".
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My fiance and I are living on student loans right now, so we alternate months making things split about 50/50. When we were working we each contributed an equal percentage. Say 60% of our income. Let's say he was making $2000 monthly, and I was making $1500 monthly. He would contribute $1200 and I would contribute $900 every month. After we're married and finished with school everything will be combined regardless of our individual incomes.
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I'm not co-habitating right now, but when I was, my ex and I put everything into one account. I was in charge of paying the bills and we each got an allowance for the month. By pooling our money I was able to pay off about $7500 in credit card debt in 2 years. I really feel that this is the easiest way to manage household finances, no % this, % that. No large purchases made without consulting each other, etc.
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If your keeping separate accounts I think the proportional method is a good one. That said, as long as you both agree and are comfortable with the arrangement then that's fine. DH and I happen to make about the exact same ammount so we split our rent (with a $5 difference) down the middle. He pays the cable/internet and I pay the ellectric. Yes, the electric is MUCH cheaper than the cable bill but I don't care about cable and if he wanted to, he could have his business pay this bill so that was our agreement.
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