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6 puppies dumped on the side of the road...Pictures!

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I found these little guys dumped on the side of the road, they look to be between 7 and 8 weeks old, There were 6 of them but we have found a home for one. I am keeping the litter together for another 2 weeks before they will be released to their new homes. If any of you live close to me and want one please send me a PM and I will give you the information on that individual puppy. There is a 6 month spay/neuter contract on each puppy. If for any reason the person who adopts him/her cannot keep him/her they must return the puppy to me, and I will re-home him/her. If anyone has any idea on what mix they might be it would be great. They have long bodies, and are short and stubby the black and white female is probably going to be a medium hair length and the mostly tan one is going to be a medium hair length as well, the other 3 are short hair. Here are their pictures...

Black/White Female
She loves feet, and will raise her paw at you to get attention, shes very playful and was the first to shred the newspaper into 5,000 pieces!

Tan/Black Female
Shes the quiet one, if everyone else is being petted and she isnt, she will sit back and whine...its sad, so Ive taken to picking her up first and petting her while petting her brothers and sisters.

Tan/Black Male
This little guy is something else, he was the first one to figure out how to get on the bed(mattresses are in the floor)downstairs He stepped onto a book and right onto the bed, laid down in the middle and attacked the covers!!

Tan/White Male
This guy loves fuzzy toys he has a bear that he refuses to share with any of the other puppies! He loves to be held and sleep in your lap!

Tan/white paws and chest Male
This little guy is kind of shy at first, but will chew your toes if they're in front of him. He was the first one to growl at a toy!!
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You can just hop right in your car and drive one right down to me!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my! Look at those little angels!

How on earth could someone dump them on the side of a road, or anywhere else for that matter! Some people just have no brains or commonsense or compassion.
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They are cuties. How could people do that. I absolutely love the little tan and black female.
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They are gorgeous, I hope you find lovely homes for them all.
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They are all cutie-pies! If I didn't already have 3 big dogs.........

It blows my mind that someone could dump a litter of puppies on the side of a road.
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Aww, poor babies! They kind of look like Border Collie/Lab mixes. Well, definitely the black and white female. It's possible the others are as well. Also kind of look like Jack Russel/Lab mixes. You could do that DNA testing via mail for like $150. They mail you a cotton swab with a test tube. You stick the swab in their mouth to collect saliva, put it in the tube, mail it to the lab, and they send you the results in either a week or 2 weeks.
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They are so cute!!! They look very healthy... Thank goodness for that, and for your kindness in picking them up!
How can people do this to them??????
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They are all so adorable What the heck is wrong with these people, who can be so darn heartless to dump these little babies on the road.
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Awww!!! They are so cute!!

I think they look like collie/german shepard/lab?
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That's it!, take the easy option and dump them on the road side instead of dragging your lazy backside to a no kill shelter!! People like that make me sick!

Brandi their so sweet! I hope the little muffins all find homes soon
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The little black and white looks just like my dog. Shes a laberanenpomawa(blk lab ,pomarinan ,Chihuahua)She came from people that wernt all that great but alot better than where thoes babys came from.There so lucky you found them,are you keping one?
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my guess-- and I am NOT good at guessing dog breeds -- is lab/shepard/collie of some sort....

They are just precious. People do stupid things like this all the time... no brains!
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Aww..they're all so cute! My guess would be the ubiquitous "Lab mix"!

As for whoever dumped them...
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I think I just died and went to puppy heaven! These little ones are amazingly ADORABLE ! The person who dumped them (aside from being a complete @$$ and a few unprintable choice words) will never know what he/she is missing out on.

I second someone else's question - are you keeping any of them?
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maybe border collie golden retriever mix? Its hard to tell that young but they are ADORABLE!
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Oh, my gosh. They are absolutely too cute for words. Thank goodness you found them; I'll never understand how some people can be so heartless. I hope that they all find wonderful homes. When I move to my bigger place, I'm coming to steal one
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Sorry it took me so long to update this thread, Ive actually been in Gatlinburg TN since Sunday we just got home last night, I went with my best friend my brother and his girlfriend and left the puppies home with Kevin and my other best friend Brandon. They are doing so well, and no we arent keeping any of them, Id like to but right now isnt the time in my life for it. Ive found homes for 2 of them now so we only have four to go this saturday there is an adoption drive at Tractor Supply here so I will be there showing off the last four!! Wish me luck!!!
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With faces like that, I don't think you'll need a whole lot of luck! They are all just little darlings! I adore the little black and white girl, but then reading about the little tan girl made me want her just because she's shy and sitting in the back and whining is SO adorable! Silly thing...she'll have her people wrapped around her little paws in no time!
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Oh my goodness!!! Thank goodness you picked them up! They are the cutest little thing. Yellow labx border collie
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Love the puppies! And it's people like you that make the world a better place.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
That's it!, take the easy option and dump them on the road side instead of dragging your lazy backside to a no kill shelter!! People like that make me sick!
Some shelters don't make it extremely easy...when a puppy was dumped off at our home last year, the no kill in our town wouldn't take him even though our landlord didn't want two dogs, but wanted us to sponsor a dog until a kennel opened up; this was a 5 week old puppy, and my hubby and I didn't have that extra money to take care of the puppy, AND sponsor a dog at the same time, so I told them I would keep him and would check back later if i couldn't figure out a solution; fortunately the landlord agreed to let us keep him, or atleast keep him long enough to find a home. I'm not saying all no kills, or shelters in general are like this, and it doesn't excuse the dump offs (as there are other means of finding good homes), but sometimes circumstances cause people to lose rational thinking, and think that dropping the dog off in a 'busy' or a remote area is best. It's sad, but true, and fortunately for these puppies they will actually have a chance to be properly adopted out.
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I second the lab/boarder collie...maybe australian shepherd? mix....wait and see what the ears do...

Why can't people at least take them to a shelter?! At least small cute puppies have a deacent chance at adoption at a shelter.

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I second the lab/shepard/collie mix... regardless, they are super cute who would do that to poor little defenceless puppies!?!?! they're the ones who should be left at the side of the road, not the pups... too bad I live so far away... you'd have one less pup to have to try to find a home for!! seriously lol
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Ugh...heartless people!
I see this all the time,not only with puppies,but adult dogs too.
Thats what happens when your involved with a rescue.

I am glad you found them and am sure they will have great homes in no time!!
Any update pictures???
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they look border collie x lab or staffie...they're all adorable and im sure they'll all go to great homes
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Awww, they are too cute for words!! Do you still have them, and how close are you to West Virginia? I may be able to find homes for one or two.
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Awww what cute puppies if i lived near you i would have took them all. some people should not have animals
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The little b/w girl is gorgeous & looks to be b/c cross. A couple have the doned head shape of chi's but too big. So beautiful.
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