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Cat litter trivia

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You may think clay cat litter has been around forever. Not so. And, in fact, the use of clay granules was kind of an accident.

A company called Oil Dri produced baked clay granules for a number of purposes. The name give you a big hint: They produced clay granule that, when spread on spilled oil, soaked up the spill.

Oil Dri was not the only company in this business, and the stuff they were selling was called Fuller's earth, fairly commonly available.

In 1948, a guy named Ed Lowe gave some of the Fuller's earth he was trying to sell to a lady who complained about her sand pile, which she used for cat litter, being frozen. She liked it so much, a huge industry was born. Ed Fuller died rich.

Oil Dri (not Lowe's company, by the way), also became the largest manufacturer of cat litter. They make almost all of the cat litter sold in the U.S., under whatever name you may buy it.

Clumping litter was another mistake. A batch of the clay litter did not get baked enough, and it was found that in addition to absorbing urine, it clumped together to facilitate easy scooping.
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Back in the old days my dad would get big bags of OilSorb for our litter boxes.
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That's really interesting! So before cat litter, people just used regular sand?
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I did know that , but had forgotten. Thanks for reminding us how lucky we are to have good cat litter!
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Sand and sawdust were two common litters. I worked at a cabinet factory for a long time, so we had all the sawdust we could stand, if we wanted it.
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