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Help - Advice needed

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We took in a stray 2 month old male kitten one month ago. We just brought in another female kitten, who is actually this ones sibling. They were raised together until we took him one month ago. They spent their first 6 hours together running around the house attacking each other. We couldn't tell if they were playing or fighting, although it looked like fighting to us. One got a small cut on the face. These are our first cats. Is this normal? Will they calm down? Is it possible they will never get along, and what should we do to get them to get along with each other. Any information will be appreciated. We have them sleeping in separate rooms because we are afraid they won't get any sleep, when should we allow them to sleep in the same place. Any information will be appreciated. Is is possible we made a mistake by taking in the second cat? We thought it would be better if our cat had another to keep him company, but were we wrong?
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Cats don't recognize each other any more after they've been separated for a while. That's what you're seeing here.

They will get along just fine if you do slow introductions like you would in any other case. Treat the situation as if they were total strangers. (For all practical purpose after a month they really are.)
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I think they were playing. You would KNOW if they were fighting.

And yes, it does not matter if they are siblings-animals do not 'get' that concept-if they have been seperated for a while, they will forget each other.

Hpw bad is the scratch? If it's just a small scrape that's not too bad, but if they get any worse seperate them and do a proper introduction.
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I got Shareena when she was 7.5 weeks old--too young, but I didn't know that at the time. I took her sister six weeks later to prevent her being sent to a shelter. The first day and a half I thought I had made a horrible mistake and would have to find another home for Miss Patchwillow. The were fighting all the time, biting and scratching. I tried to keep them separated but didn't actually shut them up in different rooms.

About the middle of the afternoon the second day they suddenly decided that they were best friends. I'm absolutely sure Shareena took Miss Patchwillow all over the house--"Look, here's all the places meowmy doesn't allow us to play."

Even when they were still pretending to hate each other, they would curl up in identical positions to sleep.

Give your kitties a little more time. You may want to do a slow introduction, the same as you would with two cats that are total strangers.
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Thanks, after one day of fighting like terrorists we saw them sleeping in the same cat bed. So far they have calmed down considerably, although the original cat doesn't play with us much anymore.
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