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Cat has "gone off me" !!! HELP....

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Had our cat for a year now - we took her in as an abandoned kitten, she has always been very cautious of people (original owners were not that "kind") but shes made herself at home, and has taken to my girlfriend - often snuggling down on her lap... same with our son, but she gives ME a wide berth (the cat, not the missis ! Lol)

She will let me pick her up - but looks away and pushes away with a front paw...
She has aways looked to me as the provider, and comes to me to ask for what she needs (not sure if SHE has trained ME !)
Even lets me (only me) brush her on her bed...

So, how come shes offish ? and can we fix it ?
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That is the amazing thing about cats, they are all so different! Some like to be held, some don't. Some love to be petted, some don't. It sure sounds like she is happy and in my experience, cats seem to mellow with age.
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Never been in this situation but I think time is the only answer. Respect her and go slow in your interactions. Some cats take longer to warm up. Make sure you give her yummy treats often. Bribe that kitty
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Ignore her. Don't go to her, don't pick her up just sit back and let her come to you when she's ready. Usually the more you push, the more they'll pull away.
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I don't know if this is relevant in your case but my cat far prefers men to women. She's very attached to me and has blossomed since she came to me 3 years ago but, although she is still not entirely relaxed round strangers, she flirts outrageously with any men. She practically threw herself at her male vet the first time she met him and, if I have a male visitor, she will fawn all over him and completely ignore me. I just call her a tart and let her get on with it because I know she's basically content and will always come back to she who feeds and grooms her!

As some others have said, just give your cat space, let her do her thing and she'll come to you when she's ready.
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right.... just spent a hour searching her room for a laptop this morning I let her into the house, where she spent 5 mins "telling" me what she had been upto - did the leg winding thing, then followed me to the toilet... and sucked up all day !

Pah, cats huh ? just when I thought I had women sussed...
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