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Thank you note...or gift?

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So Travis and I LOVED our realtor. She told us her opinion on every house and supported us in our decision when we finally chose! And we saw QUITE a bit of houses and I know we weren't the easiest to deal with all the time.

I wanted to write her a nice thank you note for all the help she has done for us. I just have no idea how to write it. Any ideas?

Also should we get her a giftcard of some sort or would the thank you note be sufficiant if its done right?

All opinions welcome!
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IMO. A thank you card would be sufficient. She is probably thankful she got the sale so giving her a thank you card is probably more then enough.
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Remember - she gets a nice commission for her efforts - so she is already getting $$$ from you. But a thank you card is a very nice gesture.
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I agree, her commission was probably good enough she doesn't need a gift card, but it might be nice to send flowers or something to brighten her day (and office). But, a thank you note would be good enough. Probably she would appreciate any acknowlegement...I doubt many people think of it.
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I think a thank you note would be nice but a little candy basket or something like that would probably make her day.
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A thank you card with a small plant for her office would be nice. An idea of what to say on the card might be something like this:

"Thank you for helping us find the home of our dreams!"
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A thank you note is so sweet of you It is nice to recognize people who do a great job, even if it is their job, it is still nice to give positive feedback
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It is always so nice to get a thank you from someone, even if just doing your job. I'm sure she will appreciate that, and some flowers or a plant wouldn't be a bad idea.
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I agree a thank you note for sure. Either a plant or a nice bottle of wine-maybe a sparkling wine to enjoy for the holiday season.
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A thank you note seems like a nice gesture That will make her day.
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