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Kitties and Thanksgiving

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The first year we had kitties, Trent thought the turkey smelled so good on Thanksgiving he tried to climb into the oven to get it. Thankfully Meowmy instincts are fast learned and I grabbed him before his little baby kitten paws (he was about 4 months old) touched the hot oven. Needless to say, we're pretty good about designating a kitty goalie when the turkey comes out of the oven now!

The last few years we've tried to give the kitties a tiny bit of turkey and gravy for them to have a taste and celebrate with us. Of course, the little beggars didn't want it when we gave it to them. Brats. So this year we are trying something different this year. We're getting them special wet food for Thanksgiving so they will be more apt to eat it while we're eating.

What do you do for your kitties for Thanksgiving?
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Ah Trent really wanted that turkey.

Mine will all get a plate of everything that is served that doesnt have onions or garlic. Ducky and Laura seem to focus on anything sweet, Kiko on anything vegetable, Tino on turkey and Easy on dressing my Mother will make her a little side dish with no onions or garlic.
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my Bobo gets white meat turkey no gravy she looooves it, my other babies are not interested but we'll have to see about the two kittens that i fostered and ended up adopting us. on i side note i heard that turkey skin is bad for them that they can get pancreaitis, i cant spell it, so i never give skin although Bobo begs for it
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I have a feeling that we'll probably try giving the little girls (Mojo, Ginger and Annie) some turkey to see if they like it. Of course, that will just make vultures of them when we have leftovers. They don't need any help in that regard - they already beg like we feed them at every meal (which we don't, I swear!).
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a couple years ago I brought home a bag of left over turkey for my little darlings thinking that they would love it! nope, not one of them ate any
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I've tried to give turkey to my cats in past years and none of them are interested in it. The dogs on the other hand sense that they have a turkey dinner in their future about the time I start to slice the onions to make the stuffing. They lay around the kitchen all day long drooling.
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My kitties get a little turkey and a little bit of the natural juices once it cools down enough to eat. They just love it - including my RB cat (It was his favorite meal behind tuna).
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