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Cleopatra gets fixed on thurs and i am scared

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I am scared because of what happened to Lucy when she got fixed years ago.
Cleo gets fixed on thurs then I will get her the first week of Dec.
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She will be fine, and being so young she'll recover very fast. My breeder said all the kittens act like nothing's happened by the time they get home from the vet.

We will send you and Cleo some vibes anyway
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and relax she will do fine
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I will ask the breeder to email me after its done.
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I've not had a female cat fixed.

But my Radar had a hernia repair at the same time as his neuter, 6 stitches down his abdomen, like a zip, with internal stitches holding his abdominal muscles together too. The next day he was leaping back on the bookcases like normal and was just fine, even though he had his stitches in for 10 days - and his incision was longer than spay surgery!

It is natural to worry, I have been in pieces any time any of mine have been in for even simple procedures like neutering (I couldn't sleep the night before, cried from worry when I left them at the vet, couldn't eat all day, cried with relief when the vet phoned to say they were OK, and cried once more for good measure when I went to pick them up, and again when I got them home :o ) - it doesn't matter that rationally you know spaying/neutering is a low risk procedure, it still absolultely does your head in!

So good luck to your little'un, hope all has gone well
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Stripe had 2 breast removed and was hyper the next day.
Same thing when she was fixed.
Midnight Coco's son had a hernia also and had it fixed when he was neutered.
I hate I will not be there for her.
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Good vibes being sent In my experience, they heal very quickly from a routine spay
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How long will she have a scar.
She is a sphynx so no fur will cover it.
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Mine was done with a laser and healed so quickly, there is not a scar on the light Sphynx skin.
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The vet I go to now does it that way.
I have no idea what the breeders vet does though.
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You know I don't have a Sphynx, but Ana was flank spayed at 10 weeks the wound was less than 1cm long so even if there was a scar it would be very tiny.
I can't feel or see anything when I part her fur.
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for tomarrow
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She will be 4 months when she gets here in Dec.
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I told the breeder to email me when he knows how she is.
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Many many Prayers and for Cleopatra
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i just got this email.
hi jacky,
your baby is home and well... went through her surgery just fine..
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YEAH! this is the post I have been waiting for. So glad your little one is well and home.

If you go to the fur pictures and look for Stompers home from the hospital thread you can see how good his incision looks. It is 6 inches long and those photos were just a week after surgery. I couldn't believe how hard it was to see.

I am sure your little girl, will heal just as nicely. I am sure the breeder makes sure the vet is very good since these kitties don't have fur to cover the scar.

I bet you are so excited for her to come home...soon!
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Glad she's okay, hope the recovery continues to go well.
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Thanks to both of you.
I can not wait to get her.
I looked at Stompers pics and he looks good.
Stripe had alot more stitches then that and a way bigger scar.
Her stitches come out before I get her.
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hi! i am glad that she was ok.

My kizzi has her surgery right now as I post this. I was soo nervous for her and I still am, but I read this post and I fell soo much better and calmer. Thank you everyone.

Everyone on this site is the best and soo helpful. i love you all !!!!
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I had a headache from being scared yesterday but cleo is fine.
Midnight had bladder surgery also yesterday.
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