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Childhood, food, memories, luck

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Yesterday morning I was in a sulky mood because i went for two job interviews on Friday and didn't get one of them that was full time. because obviously they would have called me on Saturday to start yesterday.

I really missed my parents, and wished they weren't so far away.
I started to look though the fridge what to have for breakfast.
One of the breakfasts she usually made when I was little was toast and cheese under the grill with extra sweet tea.
I decided to indulge on the cheese because that brand was my mums favourite!
I made my favourite childhood breakfast and started to feel better, shortly after that i got an email saying i got the job i wanted at a health clinic and i start tomorrow!! Not long after that there is an ESL school asking for my CV!!

I honestly believe that by making my mums food there was an angel out there to make my day!

So what was your favourite childhood breakfast!?

I am so excited!
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I'm glad you got the job!

Originally Posted by fwan View Post
So what was your favourite childhood breakfast!? :
None, actually. My mom didn't like getting up that early and could rarely be pressed into to cooking before supper. But sometime my uncle would be there to make me scrambled eggs and toast. I would sit and talk with him in the mornings since my mom would still be asleep and my dad at work already.
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Congrats on the job that is really fantastic

My favorite comfort breakfast is French Toast with warm Maple Syrup. It always makes me feel great when I have it...
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My Mom always made breakfasts for me when I was little. But my favorite breakfasts were those cooked by my Uncle Karl on the weekends when we summered in the Catskills. He would drive into the bakery in the town and get Kaiser rolls and the paper. Then he would make scrambled eggs, bacon and sometimes sausages. Uncle Karl would ring a bell to signal us up for breakfast, as if the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen.

Aunt Lotty ruled the kitchen and Uncle Karl ruled the barbecue. But Sat. and Sun. summer mornings, Uncle Karl ruled the kitchen.
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Congratulations on the new job! (My favorite was and still is bacon and scrambled eggs.)
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That was such a cute story!!
Fried potatoes and onions, susage or bacon and eggs, over easy with toast to dunk in the yolks was probably my favorite growing up.
Now I eat an apple. lol
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Congrats on the job!!

My mom used to make us Chocolate Gravy on buttery toast. OMG that stuff was amazing! I loved it and havent had it in forever! It was really good creamy semi-sweet chocolate. Mmmmmmm
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Congrats on the job!
My mom would make us the most fantastic from scratch Belgian waffles, so light and fluffy with sliced for a topping! Nothing like waking up to that smell! I my mom.
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French toast. Haven't had it in years.
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That's good news on the job

My favorite childhood breakfast is my dad's pancakes and bacon. My dad cooks thick sliced bacon and retains the bacon grease. He makes his pancake batter from scratch, then he puts a tsp of bacon grease in the pan and makes little pancakes with crispy "bacony" edges. They are light and fluffy and are so good that I don't need syrup or butter on them - just roll them up and eat them! We get him to make them for us on Christmas morning and sometimes when he's home, I have him make them for me. I love my dad
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