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Good Thoughts Needed Please

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I work at a nursing home/hospital. My employer has been having fiancial problems for a number of years, and now they are in a serious situation that cannot be overcome. A few hours ago, ALL the employees attended a special emergency meeting where we were told that the hospital portion of the organization will be closed down within 48 hours, and many employees will be laid-off. Fortunately, I am NOT one of those people. The administration will be trying to keep the rest of the organization functioning, but the situation is very uncertain and very serious.

Thank you
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Oh Lorie, what terrible news! I'm worried for you and all the people there or who are in the hospital!

Prayers going up. I hope your employer is able to arrange the financing necessary.


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Lorie, I hope he can manage to keep things going! Prayers from me too!
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Wow Lorie, my thoughts are with you and everyone who needs the facility. Everyone knows the economy is in a slump, but when you hear of things like this you realize how bad it really is.
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Wow, Lorie, I'm sorry! You're in my prayers! I hope everything works out OK, and your employer finds a way to manage.
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What bad news that is! Here in wisconsin there is a nursing shortage,And nusing assistants too. I hope your friends can find a job fast. Positive vibes coming your way!
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OMG, Prayers going your way!!! Please let us know how things turn out!
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Good thoughts coming your way Lorie!
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Thanks for the thoughts and prayers guys, and I'll post an update when I find out more.
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Looks like another 9:01 prayer for Sunday night! Count me in!
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The hospital portion of our organization was officially closed yesterday, (Friday). I didn't have to work that day, but when I came back to work today I was told that it was a very stressful day for the nursing home staff, and most of them were crying at the end of the shift. The general public in my town are totally shocked by what is happening.

We are having a community meeting about all of this next Tuesday evening. Hopefully, we will find out what will happen to the rest of the organization at that time.
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Oh Lorie.. i am so sorry.

Please keep us posted.

Take care of yourself, Lorie...
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I hope something can be done - I think it's wonderful that the people in your community are so involved. Do keep us updated!
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Lorie - I am sending out prayers for your community and coworkers!
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Lorie, sending good thoughts from Down Under.
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I'm sending positive thoughts from the Old World!
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oh lorie -- ((((hugs))))
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Lorie, you're all still in my prayers. This must be SOOOO stressful!

I hope some solution is found in tomorrow night's meeting!!!!


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Laurie, you're right about my work situation being extremely stressful.

As far as I know, we will have our state representatives, local television cameras, and possibly the Governer of Minnesota at our community meeting tomorrow. Part of the reason our facility is having such serious problems is because of how the state handles the medicare payments that are made to providers. We are all hoping for a good outcome.
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I just came back from our community meeting. It was so packed that the room couldn't hold all the people. We didn't get any definite answers yet, but we found out that the people in our community are very supportive of our organization and willing to step in and help save what is left of it. And this is what we were hoping for.

P.S. Our elected @ssholes didn't bother to come, and from what I understand, they will be getting numerous phone calls tomorrow from people seriously telling them off.
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Lorie, I'm so glad to hear the community is behind your organization!!!! It must have been angering that the elected reps didn't show - where they supposed to or was it just rumors? Either way, at least the news, so far, is encouraging.


Hang in there - at least you guys aren't alone!!!!!!

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Geees, aren't those times terrible?! One of my past jobs at an office, they had 2 offices in different locations, and about 200+ employee's at each building. For months on end there was periods of hords of people being fired or laid off, you never knew if you were going to be next, heck half the time you didn't even know if you were going to get your paycheck after you'd work 80 hours that week!
The company had filed for Chapter 11 and the whole deal. We even had riots now and then, people lit fires and threw things around and yelled and gathered together at one central point, we had the news there, cause people were so upset (I think some were just a little TOO upset).
Anyways it wasn't fun when you saw one of your top boss's come onto the floor with that look on his face... you never knew if he was going to walk up to you, sometimes they'd fire 1 person sometimes they'd fire 10 in one day.

Regaurdless of all that, I loved that job, I would still be working there now had the company done their job and kept some stalker away from me!

At any rate, sorry, it's a pain in the butt and I wish you a fast time to find a new job! It can be very hard!
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Lorie, Those city officials will want to be re-elected, so if they're wise, they'll do what they can. Did the newspaper send a reporter? If not, call them, and call the local tv station, and report the story, including the fact that your elected representatives didn't think it important enough to attend the meeting. Thinking of you.
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Jeanie, Our city officials were all at our community meeting, and they will be holding an emergency city council meeting tomorrow night. The problem is that our state representatives and our governer had all been invited to our meeting, and none of them bothered to show up.

AngelzOO, about half of the staff have been laid off, but so far, I still have my job.

Since it will take awhile to get everything worked out, and know the final outcome, this will be my last post about this.

Thanks again guys!
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Lorie, when there is some news, please post about it!!!

In the meantime, I'm keeping you and the facility (and your community) in my prayers.
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