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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
I currently live in a house built in 1972. We still have an original harvest gold toilet and brown marble countertop in the bathroom.
My house (duplex, actually, but it's the size of a house) was built in 1971, and also sports its original harvest gold toilet, sink and bathtub. Our basement carpet is all sorts of lovely 70's earth tones. My brother's room used to have green shag carpet.
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Our house was built in the 1920's. It is tiny (about 700sq ft) but it is cozy and cute. I love our house
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10 years old as of today!

Old house (the reason we built this one) was put together with wooden pegs.
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Ours was built in 1977. Fortunately we've done lots of remodeling since we bought it i 1987.

The main bathroom with the lime green sink, toilet, shower stall and bathtub were a bit much!

Its a "quad level". A smaller basement with a small bathroom, then next level the large family room (23 x 24 ft) with laundry area and powder room (not in those measurements), next level kitchen w/ dining area, living room and another powder room.
The top level is three bedroom and a main bathroom.

The property came with another garage with we remodeled but tore down in 2003 (after building my garden shed) to build the fancy garage!!

We bought the property next to us that was two acres with a house in about 1995??
We along with the fire dept burnt the house down. It was not worth saving.

Bought the property up north about 5 years ago. Old farmstead about turn of the century and we once again had that fire dept burn house down as it had been uninhabited for 35 years and was a gatheriing/drinking spot of teens. The barn we are slowly being back to shape.
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My house is pre 1881, it's an old colonial : )
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i'm relatively sure that my house was built in the 80s... which would make it between 30-40 years old.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I guess that dutch style with the "throw up" steps doesn't have that charm.

My grandfather built our house about 1930, replacing an older one. Mom and Dad added a country kitchen about 1955.
LOL, you remember the house that threw up stairs? That was a long time ago! Thankfully, it's not that one; that neighborhood was a bit of a dump!
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I think ours was built in 1995
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Our house was built in 1915 or 1916, so that makes it around 95 years old, and it sits on a hill, far back from the street. It's maintained itself well, and it always surprises me when I find something old around. When we were renovating the basement, we found that the walls had been neatly stuffed with newspapers from 1934. My uncle lived in our neighourhood during the '40's as a child and remembers the house because all the kids used our hill to toboggan on it! I don't think we have any ghosts around, but sometimes things happen to make me wonder if anyone loved the house as much as I do.
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Our house was built in 1876. The local historical society makes plaques with the Circa.... date to be put on houses, but you have to do the homework and research your house. I've just started the process, it should be interesting to see who lived here before. We've been here 25 years and there's never any boredom with an old house, there's always something that need to be done.
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Our house was built in 1932. I love it. It's a 2 bedroom bungalow. We discovered hardwood floors under the nasty carpet after we closed, so we refinished the floors in the previously carpeted areas.

One of our neighbors said it was one of the first 3 houses built on the block.
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Our current home was built in 1972, but our first apartment was in a home that was built in the 1800's, with the original staircase, stained glass windows, etc. It had a really cool widow's walk as well. It was only a few houses away from the home Lizzie Borden lived in after she was acquitted in the murder of her parents.
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My house was built in 1952. I love the plaster walls and hardwood floors. The wood floors and all of the woodwork throughout the house is red oak. It also has the old cut glass door knobs on the interior doors. I did a bathroom remodel when I bought it 18 years ago, but it really needs a kitchen remodel...all the cupboards are circa 1950's (thank goodness they're wood and not the cheesy metal from that era!)
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My present home was built in the 60s I think but I moved from a place built in 1879. Much of the housing around here was built in the 1870 and 1880s. I can remember once being at a lecture given by a young American woman on the history of Chicago. One of the climaxes of her lecture was talking about the Great Fire of Chicago and saying with a thrill in her voice that this happened way back in 1871. She was very confused when she got no reaction at all. She didn't understand that dates like these are of little consequence in Britain (and, of course, in much of Europe) when we have churches going back twelve hundred years, when more than half our housing stock predates 1930 and people here frequently buy and live in properties 250 to over 400 years old. All vintage is relative I guess.

If I had the choice I'd like a good, custom-built, ultra-modern design or something at least 300 years old, Tudor or Early Stuart for preference. The 18th, 19th and the 20th centuries (with a few notable exceptions) leave me pretty much cold when it comes to domestic architecture.
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I am actually living in my family's house. This house was built by an ancestor. Not too sure of his name. I forget it. Well he first settled in the area in 1785. 223 years old. Over time with each new generation the house has been passed down to the eldest son along with the family farms and business. Each new heir repairing any damages, updating all electricals and adding on to the house where needed. I am the first heiress as my father had no biological sons. So I got the house and all the farms. my 1/2 brother got the business as he is far better dealing with business than i am.
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Ours isnt even built yet .. so 2008/09
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Our house was built Jan, 2007 so it's not real exciting (modular picked off a lot). It's nice, but nothing to write home about.

Now, the house I grew up in was built right after the civil war (1871 I think, but don't hold me to that). It was beautiful! Full basement and 3 additional stories, hardwood floors on all 3 floors, hand carved banisters, carved molding around the doors, antique crystal chandliers. It even had carved wooded doors that slide into the wall to separate the dining room from the front "parlour". It broke my heart to sell it after mom died but it was also gas heat and the heating bills were outrageous!

It was so cool some of the things we found though. For example, my parents decided to strip the walls (plaster) in the dinning and living room in 1987. Under layers of paint, we found signatures of previous owners dated 1877. And, when I was cleaning out the house for sale, in the attic there is a little storage room with a cubby hole I didn't know about. In there, we found an old parasol and letters dated in the 1920's.
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ours was built in the late '70's and we've been in it since sept. 2000
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