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Mega vibes - for Eden

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She was treated for the UTI the past 2 weeks. I took her in for a re-test to be sure it's gone. It's not any better. She was also treated for a UTI while nursing, but then I never thought to re-test her once done with meds.

So - Eden stays overnight. They're going to do x-rays in the morning.

Lots of would be appreciated! I'm very nervous & worried about this.
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Vibes on their way for Eden.
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For Eden:

Has she had crystals?

Get better soon Eden!
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Sending to Eden. What other symptoms does she have? I would recommend an ultrasound of the bladder to rule out anything more serious.
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No crystals & I don't think her urine pH has been off much, just blood in the urine. Ultrasound will be the next step, but I'd have to take her an hour to a different vet as they can't do that here - so we'll start with x-rays.

Somehow - my foster cats always end up "special" & costing me an arm & a leg!
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I hope she feels better.
Has she been tested for E Coli infection.
The ultrasound shows alot.
Coco had bladder stones with Ecoli the first time she had bladder problems.
I sure hope Eden we not be like her.
What antibiotic did they use last time?
Did they do a culture?
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Poor Eden! Sending lots of
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
No crystals & I don't think her urine pH has been off much, just blood in the urine. Ultrasound will be the next step, but I'd have to take her an hour to a different vet as they can't do that here - so we'll start with x-rays.

Somehow - my foster cats always end up "special" & costing me an arm & a leg!
My cat had the same problem back in August - blood in urine without known cause. The vet diagnosed it as "cystitis" because the urine analysis could not find any evidence for crystals or infection.

I did do the ultrasound and it revealed a cancerous tumor. I don't want to frighten you because transitional cell carcinoma is very rare in cats but the vet should rule it out. Maybe your cat has stones, which can easily be removed with food or surgery, depending on the type.

Keep us updated!
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If sure cat has stones it can make her bleed.
The vet told mt the jagged edges made Coco bleed.
She was on S/D for stones for 2 months and they have not come back.
Ultrasounds show alot.
Just to let you know the last 4-5 times Coco had a bladder infection it took 8 weeks of antibiotics before she was neg.
This last time she only had Baytril and she was neg after 2 weeks.
There are certain antibiotics that only work on certain infections.
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Was a urine Culture & Sensitivity done? If not, I'd insist on it. I have no idea why Vets don't do these very often (they're almost always done in humans when a UTI is suspected). A urinalysis can only show so much; yes, it can show the presence of white blood cells (and blood and sediment, pH, spec gravity, etc) which can denote bacteria present.........but what kind? There are MANY different types and only certain antibiotics work on certain types of bacteria. One size doesn't fit all. Too many Vets just use the standard broad spectrum antibiotic but there are many times it doesn't work, because it was the wrong antibiotic for that particular type of infection......and sadly the poor cat remains suffering with their UTI for longer.

As for a urine culture, I'd start with that wayyyyyyy before xrays or ultrasound.

They'll need to collect a sterile urine sample (they do this in-house, insert a fine needle into a full bladder and withdraw some urine, cat doesn't have to be sedated), send it to the lab, it's place onto an agar plate and after 24-72 hours, they see what type of bacteria is grown. Once the type is identified THEN (and this is key!), they use a whole host of different antibiotics on it to see which are effective.....from those that don't, those that do a little, those that do a lot. THEN, based on that - that's how the Vet should be prescribing the CORRECT antibiotic.

I went through this many times in the past and had to become insistent that they do this on my old cat and sure enough, she often grew uncommon types of bacteria and it was no wonder meds like Baytril didn't work.
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X-rays are being done tomorrow. Urine culture is a nightmare. Due to where it goes, etc....cost runs about $200 each & it takes several weeks. It can't be done in house here.

Eden cannot take Clavamox or Baytril as both make her ill. So she's been on Orbax. I'm sure there are others to try, but x-rays are the next step. Then we'll see about the urine culture....dang can I never get a foster cat that won't cost me a fortune?!
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My Coco can only take orbax or baytril.
Clavamox and all the others make her sick also.
I hope the Orbax will work for her.
She may need it 2 months like Coco has before.
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all my vibes for your baby girl...
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for Eden
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Sending lots of vibes for Eden.
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Vibes for Eden!
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For Eden! Hope things go okay.
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for Eden.

My Raven had the cat version of interstitial cystitis. He had the whole works done over his life. Including 2 ultrasounds and many xrays. They never showed anything. He would have flare ups with off and on UTIs (with no cause, no bacteria, no crystals) for months, then be stable for long periods of time (the last was for several years). He developed an intolerance to Clavamox from all the antibiotics he'd been on over the years. The last time, the vet put him on Amitriptyline, Cosequin, and Hill's c/d. Then we moved out of state, 2-3 months later. New vet took him off c/d, Cosequin, and Amitriptyline. He was stable for 3-4 years after that (he died from something unrelated). We managed him through diet. He loved Fancy Feast and Nutro Gourmet Classics, so that was what he mainly ate for years. I'm not saying it's the best, but it worked.
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In the vet techs words: "She was too full of to see anything".

So - Eden goes back in Tuesday for more x-rays. She was a purr-fect angel & held sooo still for x-rays - cuz they were petting her. The vet is then gone from Wed - Tues so hopefully the next set of x-rays works out OK (meaning she poops beforehand).
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Prayers and for Eden
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UTIs are a nightmare. I hope they find the cause and she gets better soon
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ok, sounds like you'll be needing a 'poopy dance'

oh, also sending & for Eden!
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Many for Eden. She is a very special girl, and is so lucky to have you to take care of her.
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Well, she pooped a load & a half when she got home. Tomorrow's the big day again. Once again - I have to work so I drop her off in the AM & wait at work for a phone call (and hope the boss doesn't catch me on the phone ). Mom's picking her up for me as I get off work 15 mins after the vet closes.
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Any news yet?
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OK - the gist of it is this.

No stones.
Yes blood/UTI.
No crystals, pH OK (7.0 I believe)

She's not eating much, but I think that's my fault for feeding her a canned food that didn't sit well with her. We have anti-biotics & anti-nausea meds. X-rays were clear, blood work was clear.
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Well, that's sounding hopeful. Keeping the flowing. that the antibiotics take care of the infection quickly and your girl starts eating well.
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It's like Damita all over again - she has to be fed 3-6x a day, small meals - basically whenever she wants. Canned food only.
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She's eating again - lightly, but it's eating on her own. Of course - Sheba tins are it. "My" spoiled brat.
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that Eden feels better soon Poor sweet girl has been through so much, I hope the vets can find a cure for her soon. She's lucky to have such a dedicated foster mum.
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