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Kiss Kiss SNORE Kiss Kiss

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Okay, so I know that these threads are supposed to be about the cats, but I just HAVE to share this with SOMEONE otherwise I am actually going to wet myself from holding in this laughter. XD

Tonight I couldn't sleep, so I think... okay. Whatever. I'll just stay up until I get tired instead of going to bed.

Mackerel's an early riser. She gets up about five AM, and early on when we had her we realised that our early plans of keeping her in the living room (where her bed is) by herself until we got up wasn't going to work. She knows where our bedrooms, (My SO and I) are, and just sits outside crying and crying and crying until one of us gets up and lets her in.

SO's started getting into the habit of doing this, because she prefers his room- he has a streetside bedroom, and the window sill is accessible for her and she can sit on it and watch everyone walking by. She loves it. So what we've started doing is just leaving SO's door open a crack, and at five AM or whenever she wakes up, she can just walk in without crying.

Apparently she's really thick, because this morning at five am, I hear her crying outside SO's bedroom door. I go and see what's happening, figuring that he must have forgotten to open the door, but the door's open and Mack's just sitting there.

Then I hear SO calling her. Making kissy kissy noises, calling her name. Mack goes in, now that she's been called, and I follow thinking that he's awake and can entertain me as well. XD

He was asleep.

He was calling the cat in his sleep. XD

I wasn't sure what I was seeing, so I mimicked the cat (I do a good Mack impression. lol) crying... and low and behold, he does it again! Kissy kissy SNORE kissy... Mack... kissy...

Isn't it amazing what the human mind can adapt to?

I think I'm going to tape it tomorrow. lol
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Great story!
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I'm cracking up that you mimicked Mackerel and he fell for it! LOL
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He was probably distracted by his dream about hotdogs or somesuch. XD

Though I really do do a mean impersonation. :-P
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That is too funny!!
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That is so TOTALLY an America's Funniest Video winner!
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Haha, except that I'm Australian. XD

I'm glad everyone finds it so amusing. :-P
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