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If you ever wanted a teacup dog....

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With the trend towards Teacup dogs (poodles, pugs, etc.) I thought you might want to check this out.

I just may buy a Teacup Labrador (we have one full size one)......
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There is even a teacup Boxer!!! I may have to get one of those myself, lol .
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I was about to go off on a tanget & kick some royal behind....
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They've got all breeds in teacup sizes now! Holy smokes, didn't think you'd get a teacup Wolfhound! World's gone crazy.
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LOL!! I almost died when i read 'teacup' labardor. Those are tooooooooooooooo Cute
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those are cute!!!

I was thinking a teacup lab, now this i must see!!!
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Mmmm...I'm thinking of a few people when I look at those! What CUTE gifts...with no hereditary problems...Lol!!!
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they are completely adorable!!!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I was about to go off on a tanget & kick some royal behind....
Same here!
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Hehe, I posted this on a dog forum I'm on. People will click with their guns ready to fire...and then find out its Christmas ornaments.
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Now that is a teacup lab I could enjoy ...
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I'm tempted to get a teacup boxer.
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LOL, I have seen that before! I want the dachshund!

But on the subject of actual teacup dogs....

I am so sickened by the whole "Teacup" craze. My poor chihuahua Lucy is one of those. She is 3 pounds on good days. She was severely emaciated when I rescued her.Starved and abused by her previous "home". She weighed 1.3 pounds (And 3.5 pounds is her perfect weight). Completely skin and bones. Obviously the result of a back yard breeder trying to breed smaller and smaller dogs to make money off of. She has a lot of issues. She was fear aggressive, terrified of human hands.

She is already an older dog (Unknown, vet says 10+.)..I am not excited to see what kind of health issues come up from her poor genetics, and probably inbreeding..
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I think I'm most thrilled that almost every breed is there. I swear, every time I come across something like this that looks so cute, my favorite breed, the Australian Shepherd, is NEVER there. But not only is the Australian Shepherd listed, but it comes in 6 different forms (3 colors, and each color has a docked and intact form). Sadly, though, they're all sold out.
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Aww!!! I want a Vizlsa!!!!
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Oh my gosh, I love that website! I can hardly ever find anything with Cairn Terriers & this site has a lot! I own 2 of them. Best dogs I have ever owned. They have so much love to give!
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