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Guys will be guys regardless

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Trace is almost 9 years old. He has been "fixed" for at least 5 of those years. He has 3 legs. He has extreme mood swings from cuddly to cranky.

Yet, let the cute little indoor/outdoor girl kitty from up the road come around;

...and Trace is at the ready, standing by at the door, just waiting for someone to open it so that he can make the "between human legs" dash outside to go do a little flirting

That's my boy
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He says well of coarse, look how preety she is.
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Good for him. She really is a pretty thing.
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He's got good taste in girl kitties! She's a cutie!
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Does he let out a big wolf whistle at his cute girlfriend?!?!?
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He's a handsome stud muffin, so no wonder she's coming around to flirt
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Oh my oh my! What a cute couple they could make!
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He's not thinking what a cute babe she is. He is thinking what a stud I am regard less of the leg and the plumbing and she obviously could not another other boy toy.

You're right. Handsome boys will be boys.
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Trace is a very handsome cat.
He could turn a pretty kitty's head anytime.
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Awwwwwww they both are beautiful
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