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Gas prices in your neck of the woods

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Around here we have noticed a large drop in gas prices. What was almost 4.00 a gal. in a month has dropped to 2.53 (as of yesterday) and dropping more everyday. I have read conflicting things on why the price has gone down from elections to opening up new areas to drill to the economy. Tho I don't think the prices will last long. I say by first of the year the prices will be on the way back up, but I will be happy if I am wrong on that one.

Anyways what do the gas prices look like in your neck of the woods?
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Its $2.78 here lets hope it stays down for a good long time.
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Just did a quick search over at gas buddy. The gas prices in the next largest town to the east of us is 2.19 and just to the north 2.38.
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As of yesterday it was $2.58!! Too bad most of my work is over for the season but every bit lower helps. I figure we are saving about $80/month on gas currently.

I read that fuel oil prices are still high though. My sis got a quote of $3.39/gallon and I think she has a 100 gallon minimum purchase.
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The price of a gallon of gas is going to go up and down until the economy is settled. Also, Iran is pushing OPEC to cut production, AGAIN (they cut production last month), but this time by 2.5 million barrels a day. This can cause an increase in prices at the pump. Iran is a bit miffed that the cost per barrel has dropped below $100. :/
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My county is the highest in my area at $2.92, when the next county to the south of us is roughly $2.80!
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There's a gas war on in Burleson, TX, with prices as low as $1.97, the last I heard. It's in the $2.10 range around us here.
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Last I checked it was $2.49.......
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Gas has been droppin' fast here - goes down daily. This morning it was $2.47/gal (and with my Bi-Lo fuelperks, I can get it for $2.22/gal next time I fill up at a Sunoco )
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it's running anywhere from $2.09 to $2.59 around here. at $2.39/gallon versus $3.99 I'm saving almost $50/week
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$2.29 when I passed the station this morning - will get gas on way home (may drop a few more pennies). Heard one station in the Twin Cities was selling it at $2.15 but don't know what that one is
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$3.00 yesterday or the day before.
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Around $2.59.
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I live in South Texas and regular gas here is down to 1.99/gal. I never thought I would see gas below $2 again.
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$3.25 here yesterday

I'm amazed that gas is going so cheap. How can that be sustainable when everything else is going up?
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I paid $2.19 a gallon today!!!!! I got my gas from Kroger (local grocery store chain that also has gas pumps at some locations.) It was reguarlly marked at $2.29/gallon ....but since I had bought groceries at Kroger this month with my Kroger card, I got a .10/gallon discount so I only paid $2.19 today! I was very happy
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It seems like a week or two ago it was $1.40/litre. Now it's down to about $1.07. I hope it keeps plummetting!
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Gas has dropped just over $1 here. It was 3.65 and now it's 2.59 it dropped .10 a day for a while, then it went to dropping .20 every two days (guess they got tired of changing the prices every day)
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Originally Posted by Angelwing View Post
It seems like a week or two ago it was $1.40/litre. Now it's down to about $1.07. I hope it keeps plummetting!
Yep. Just a few weeks ago, it was $1.51 a litre for regular. I saw several $1.06 signs yesterday, and heard on the radio over the weekend that somewhere (I don't remember where) it had broken below a buck. Sheba will be wanting a drink today or tomorrow. Wonder what it'll be...
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It's been about $2.54 - $2.69 here on average, at least it was yesterday when I was out shopping. Since we have two older vehicles (our minivan is a '94 and our car is an '81), I'm glad to see it going down as far as it has.
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I paid $2.29 today Its been going down daily between .5 and .10 cents, I love it! It only took $10 to get a 1/2 tank in our Equinox today, and that was from empty!
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