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Looks like flea dirt but I'm certain she doesn't have fleas...

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I was petting my 10-year old kitty's tummy today and noticed a small bald spot with some black dots on her skin that look like flea dirt but I am certain that she does not have fleas. First, and foremost, she was just at the vet on Wednesday and my vet is a flea freak - she totally would have found them. Second, my cat is an indoor only cat and she's never had fleas in her life. I checked her over and I can't find any fleas. She hasn't been scratching, either. The other thing I should point out is that she's isn't the best at grooming herself. I found a couple spots on her tummy and some on her back too.

So, if it's not flea dirt, what the heck is it?
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The bald spots suggest there's something else going on, like a rash, allergic reaction or other skin condition. A vet will really have to look at them to figure out what they are.
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Just because your cat is an indoor only cat, don't assume she cannot get fleas. We humans can easily carry fleas in on our clothing/shoes.
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She has fleas.

I've been looking for them like crazy and I finally saw one yesterday when I actually wasn't looking! I called the vet and am picking a couple months worth of Advantage for her. She must not have many because I have been checking her over and over; she's a white cat so they should have been easy to spot. The vet's office said that two months should be enough to kill any current fleas she has and then kill any that might hatch next month. Should I treat for a third month, also?

Also, should a good vacuuming of the house suffice for home treatment? I normally vacuum once a week anyway but I can vacuum more often if necessary.

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One way you can tell if the black specks are flea dirt is pick some up and put a drop of water on them and they will start to dissolve and turn red because they are mostly blood.
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I would suggest you vacuum more frequently and immediately after vacuuming, empty the bag outside.

I also would use the Advantage for more than 2 months. We treat Bijou and Mika from May until November because I had a bad flea infestation one time and don't ever want to go through another one.
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With fleas it's an ongoing problem and you have to treat your cats monthly. Even if you clean the house from head to toe, vacuum, wash all the bedding etc. they come back, simply by the fact that you have been outside, near a garden, grass or earth, the strong possibility that you can bring fleas back into your house is almost inevitable. It sucks but that's just how it is.
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I see that you live in Michigan so you probably won't need to treat for fleas in the cold months. I would suggest you get some diatomaceous earth from a garden centre or order online. Sprinkle into any carpeting and sweep it down into the fibres. DE is very safe for your cats and you (human/food grade only though). Fleas are hardly little suckers and can live in carpets up to a year.
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