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RIP Nala

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09/02/2007 - 10/23/2008

Nala was my little ball of joy, and a beautiful Bengal. She had never been sick ever. She ate the best food, and enjoyed the comforts of a real little feline princess, and had just turned 1 year old.

I left today for 90min for an appointment at the doctor. She was joyful, energetic and certainly full of life.

I came back from the doctor and found her lying on the floor of the bathroom, with her 2 sisters and brother around her. I cannot begin to describe the pain, and have nowhere to turn to in fear of being mocked for such pain over a cat.

She wasn't a cat, she was my little baby. At least someone in the World should know about her beauty and her awesome personality. She deserved to be mentioned somewhere people would care.

Rest in peace Nala.
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I'm so so sorry for you. I'm sending you healing thoughts and prayers at this tough time.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Anyone who would mock you is just heartless IMO.

You can come and talk to us, nobody here would ever mock you for feeling pain over the loss of someone you loved.

Rest In Peace, Nala
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I'm as terrified as I am saddened now. She wasn't sick nor gave out signs of being sick. No lethargy, no loss of appetite. She was as active as ever and when I came back home she was still very warm. She had passed away in the last hour, apparently, from nothing.

The vet said this rarely happens. I requested a necropsy, I will not be able to have closure until I know, and won't be able to sleep either. I'm too afraid I'll wakeup tomorrow and all my other apparently healthy cats will be dead.
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Have peace in knowing that the vet said this rarely happens, your other kitties will be ok. If you can't sleep it's ok, but try to stay calm for your other kitties they need you.
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I am so very sorry you are facing this, how devastating. Sending many hugs and positive thoughts your way.
There are many cat lovers here who will understand your pain, as our cats are our family, too. Please stay around, there will always be someone to listen

Rest In Peace Little Angel Nala
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I am so sorry, that is just so scary and sad She was so young RIP Nala
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RIP Nala...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll add my reassurances that this a good, friendly place to come for support. Nobody here will judge you for mourning your departed one... if you love cats, it's a perfectly normal way to feel.

Try not to worry about your other little ones. But give them an extra cuddle. You're there for them, and they for you. Remember your little princess, and she'll always be with you. It sounds like you gave her a truly wonderful life in the short time she had with you.
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you definitely found the right place - none of us will mock you, because we understand your pain
a for Nala, & some for you...
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So sorry about your cat.
She might have a a problem that you could not see.
My friend kept losing young persians and it turned out they had heart defects.
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We've all experienced the loss of a cat, and we understand that it's not "just a cat." It's a piece of your life, of your heart.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
So sorry about your cat.
She might have a a problem that you could not see.
My friend kept losing young persians and it turned out they had heart defects.
I guess I will find out when I get the Necropsy report.
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So sorry about your cat again.
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I'm so very sorry It's bad enough when you know they have an illness, but to happen suddenly like that

It's only natural to feel worried about the rest of your babies, but try and not think that their going to go the same way.

Keep us updated.

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The shock, fear and sorrow that you are feeling can be almost overwhelming.
You are not alone with your grief...
we understand and care.

Always in your heart....
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No mocking here. RIP little Nala.
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Does anyone know how long the necropsy reports take? I'm sure it will be anguish until you know something. So sorry for your loss!!!
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RIP Little Nala
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Aw...poor sweet baby. I hope that you find some comfort knowing that we're all thinking of you and your other babies right now. If there's any place where you can feel safe sharing your grief, it's here. Everyone at TCS understands that your cats are part of your family. My thoughts are with you as you await the necropsy results.
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RIP little Nala. I'll bet you were a beautiful and adorable little character, as are all Bengals.

My heart goes out to you, MSLP. Bengal's are such unique little munchkins and they leave an inprint on your heart that just can't be erased. She will always be with you, and will playfully watch over you from The Rainbow Bridge.
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How very sad, I totally understand what you're going through. It sounds to me that whatever happened to poor little Nala was very quick, and she possibly never had any pain, but only the necropsy results will reveal what really happend.

R.I.P. Nala, and play happily at the Rainbow Bridge
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I forgot to show her to you.

As morbid as it will sound, I had arranged something special for her with a company called Papilio. They offer private cremation and urn for your loved animals. I was able to assist to her cremation today in person and will be able to go pick her ashes up tomorrow. I thought it was really weird at first, but she was such a little princess and I always treated her as such, thus she deserved more, in my eye, than being thrown in the incinerator with a dozen other cats. To each his own, I suppose. Since I live in a condo and no longer have a yard, I could not bury her properly.

I miss her so much still. I just want the results of the Necropsy so I can sleep in peace and stop worrying my other bengal Simba will also die so suddenly

Thank you for all your words of encouragement, I think you are amazing to dedicate time to bring warmth to strangers in pain.
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What a pretty little face Nala has

It's not morbid what you've done, i myself have instructions in my will that if my cats go after me they must have their own cremation without any "strangers", because then their ashes are being mixed in with mine and were all being scattered together
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How beautiful
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
What a pretty little face Nala has

It's not morbid what you've done
to both.
there's some lovely cremation jewelry available online... PM white cat lover. she got a beautiful little vial/locket for the ashes of one of her babies. i wish i'd thought of that for my Mouse!
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Oh my gosh, I think I remember you posting that photo before! Correct me if I'm wrong, the photo quality, the Christmas tree, and the beauty of the Bengal kittens in that photos I remember look very similar to that lovely photo of Nala.

That is a very heartbreaking thing to come home to. I'm very very sorry for your loss. Nala was an extremely beautiful cat. Any news on the necropsy?

Don't worry too much about the rest of your furcrew. They will be able to pick up on your anxiety and it won't do them any good. Keep us updated on the necropsy.
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What a terrible shock! You came to the right place. We know what it is to love these creatures as our babies, and we hold you in our thoughts as you live through this difficult time.

RIP sweet Nala
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Aww, I am so sorry for your loss. Just know that nobody here would ever mock you for being upset about your baby. We all understand your pain & care. She was very beautiful!

R.I.P. Nala, play happily at the Bridge. Your Meowmy loves you very much
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I am so sorry for your loss. Nala was a gorgeous girl!!

I understand your fear about your other babies - it's only natural. Any idea when the report will be coming back yet?

When I lost Mittens, I did the same thing as you. I took her to a private crematorium. I commissioned a little boulder from a company called Poffins, had it hollowed out and put her ashes inside it and sealed the front with a little plaque. The little boulder sits by the fire in my lounge so she is with me always
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I'm another one who doesn't think private cremation is morbid. Both Snowball and his companion of 10 years Midnight were privately cremated at different times. Now their ashes are in a place of honor in my home along with some pet loss poems and sympathy cards from the vet clinic.

Did you get the results from the necropsy?
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