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Are my kittens too small? (pic)

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I posted back in august about 2 kittens I had found and they are about 9 weeks old now!

I had been at the pet store yesterday and they had kittens a little older than mine & they looked huge!

As of this morning my kittens are 2lbs 7oz (male) and 2lbs 4oz (female.)

I have a picture of the boy as he sits still for more than a second:

They are both eating EVO kitten.

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The average kitten will be about a pound of weight per month of age. They may be slightly under at 9 weeks old but IMO they are about right. As long as they are eating well, playing, no diarraha, etc. they should be fine
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I adopted my two kitties when they were eight weeks old (estimated). They were about three pounds.

By the way, you shouldn't let them drink Ginger Ale.
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OMG he is so adorable! We needed a cuteness warning.
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Ohh the kittens are so liiiittle and cute!
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OMG is he cute!!!!
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I would expect a 9 week old kitten to weigh (on average) 2lb 4oz, so they are doing absolutely fine
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As long as they're eating well and gaining weight, I wouldn't worry too much about the exact weight. Cats come in all sizes.

My three are just over 8 weeks old now and they weigh 2# 4 oz, 2# 5.5 oz, and 2# 10 oz.

Shareena, my first kitty, was 2# 5oz. at 10 weeks. She's still a delicate little cat, weighs about 5# 13 oz. full grown. Her littermate, Miss Patchwillow, is 7# 2 oz.

Some breeds of cats get to be 15-20# and I assume their kittens are bigger as well.
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Belle is full grown and she wighs about 6lbs some cats are just smaller then others. Like the other said as long as they are eating well, playing and gainging weight I am sure they are just fine.

What a cute kitty!!
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^Yeah, Monster is HUGE, but he was 3-4 wks when i found him, and didnt even weigh a pound yet! Mittens is full grown, but still looks like a kitten to me. She is about the same size as she was when my boss had her. She probably weighs about 9-10lbs, but she is very small, it doesnt look like she's grown at all!
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Thank you for all the replies! I kinda hope they stay small.
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I have a small Cat. Izzy is a year and half and looks like she might be six months. She not quite 5 pounds. Its like having a kitten all the time. She is my momma's girl too. Love It!!!
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Cute kitty...looks younger than you say, but kitties vary in weight and length.
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wow he grew up to be so handsome. I would love to see princess too. Great job on raising those 2. I bet you are really bonded.
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cute lil rascal.

but looks normal to me. mine were only slightly bigger at 3 months.
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Originally Posted by xourtney View Post
Thank you for all the replies! I kinda hope they stay small.
I got my girls when they were 7 wks old. Your boy looks about the same size mine were at that age. He will be a big boy before you know it! Mine are 11 months old now and are soooo big! I wish they could of stayed tiny but life goes on and they grow up.
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New camera!

messy room

after they jumped into the toilet

dog in the way!
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