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Feline Diabetes

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My 10 yr. old female cat was diagnosed the other day with diabetes. Is there a less expensive food for her than Science diet M/D?
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If I were in your position, the first thing I would do is read and get to understand what Dr. Lisa Pierson has to say in this article.

After that, I would read and get an understanding of the other articles on her website.

(She isn't a fan of SD!)
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read the article linked...

d/m is a low carb food and there are many RX similiar to it ...

my vets use a ultra low carb NON RX food called Evo ... look it up and take the info to your vet of all stuff you find on low carb foods
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You do not need or want to feed the presciption foods. They hold no value over commercially available canned foods and are very poor quality. For that type of money you can feed top of the line canned foods like wellness. If you cannot afford that then any canned under 10% carbs is best. Many diabetic owners feed low carb fancy feast. The key is no dry foods. This list gives the breakdown
Don't starve your cat though. If he won't eat canned make sure he eats and we can work on the transition over
Are you hometesting? it is the only way to know if it is safe to give insulin as well as giving the info needed to treat this disease safely and correctly. I can teach you how.
Your results will be more accurate then those gotten at the vet's office due to stress and other factors. It saves money in the long run but more importantly, saves lives.
I can teach you how
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It is important to note that NONE of us here are veterinarians and can only relate our own personal experiences which may have no bearing at all on what you are dealing with personally with your cat.

TCS long-term members will share their experience and recommend you discuss these issues with your vet. For behavioural issues often our experienced members have a lot of knowledge and information which will not be a danger to your cat to try. But when it comes to medical issues, please work with your vet.

If you follow any medical type advice given by an individual member and anything happens to your cat, TCS will not be held responsible.
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My vote is for a ultra low to no carb can food. No dry food.
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