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My Grandma's old home, remembering her

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I was driving around in the town next to mine, I am honestly inbetween two small towns, and I drove down the road my Grandma lived on when I was a little girl. She lived in an older trailor and this was back in the 80s and I know some people rented it years later and I almost did when my ex and I were together. Well the barn/building that was there must have been torn down years ago. And her flowers were given to my cousin and she left them when she moved, my sister and I never even got a chance at them or any pictures of her we have none of them my cousin has them all.
Well anyway I was driving by her old trailor which about a week ago or so was still standing but it was in bad shape. And its no longer standing I couldn't tell if it had burned down or if someone had demolished it. It was a pile of ruble and looked like a tornado had hit it. And it made me very sad. My grandma loved that trailor it wasn't much but it was her home. And she had lived in it as long as I could remember. It was the first place that she hadn't had to give up. As she had a very hard life and even had to live in a tent at one point and time. And my grandpa was so horrible to her and his kids and this was her home that was hers. SHe was so happy there and lived there uptil she got sick and my uncles and aunts put her in a nursing home in 1990.

They wouldn't even let us see her when she was in the hospital and because back then none of the nursing homes could accomadate a ventilator around here she was sent to Mt Vernon, Ky which is on the other side of the state. And my dad wouldn't ever take us to see her he kept saying we will sometime. And in 1996 we got the call that she was dying. And she wasn't awake when we got there and she had been on lifesupport for years anyway. And I read some versus of the bible to her and we had stayed the night there but dad brung my sister and I back home and one of my uncles and my aunts and my momma and my oldest uncle who helped raise me when my mom left us stayed with her. My sister and I went and stayed with our cousin for the night and sometime in the middle of the night she woke me and told me that my Grandma died.
My grandma was so good to me. She might not have been a refined lady but she was such a good person she would do anything she could for anyone. But boy did she have a temper. I think I am more like her than anyone else in the family her and my uncle ray. She was really a misunderstood person much like me. People didn't give her enough credit but she was so smart and she really understood people too. I remember she was the only one who helped me come to terms with my mom walking out on us. Everyone else bad mouthed mom around us and wanted dad to make us stay away from her and dad wanted us to decide for ourselves. Well my grandma talked to me one day and she told me that when someone you love does something bad you don't have to stop loving them, as many wanted me to do with my momma and she was my grandma's daughter, but you hate what the person does but not the person. Noone ever explained it to me any better than she did. She didn't go to school and she couldn't even read or write but she loved like noone else.
My mom was awful to grandma and she still loved her. She used to bring people in off the streets to see me when I was a baby to show me off. My sister was horrible to my grandma and used to kick her in the shins and such but grandma still helped to watch us when mom skipped out.

But I was very close to my grandma. I still miss her so much. And seeing her house in a pile of ruble just hit me so hard. I think grandma is still with us in some way watching out for us. She had alot of native american blood in her and was irish too and it showed on both accounts. She had 20+ siblins but she was kind of cast out because one of my uncles was messing with one of his uncle's wives but she still loved them. I just wanted to share a bit about one of the people who shaped who I am today and maybe she is reading this from heaven and she knows how much her granddaughter loves her still.
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I can imagine how hard that was for you, seeing her home like that. That's one of the reasons we didn't go by my grandma's place after it was sold. We didn't want to see it deteriorate like the rest of the neighborhood was doing. Just try to remember the good times and not let that image stay with you.

I'm glad you posted this, because it reminds me to call my other grandmother today for her birthday. She's the only living grandparent I have and turns 99 today
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Funny how these little things bring back memories, isn't it?

My grandmother died very suddenly from an aneurysm when I was in first grade. We had visited my grandparents a number of times; some of my earliest memories are traveling from Denver to Michigan on the Greyhound bus. My grandparents had a little farm. My first sentence was when I ran in to tell my mother about a buyer coming to pick up a calf my grandfather sold him. Lots of great memories, and the place seemed huge back then.

We went by to see it again about 20 years ago. A nice little house, a little red barn. But there was still a tire swing in the huge tree out front.
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It is always hard to see places that hold so many dear memories for us layed to ruin like that. Your Grandma loved it, and that is all that matters, keep that memory alive and not what whoever moved into the place did to it.
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Its true it is strange what little things trigger memories. But I am glad I have so many memories of my grandma they are good ones. Except the one time she made me sit down with the threat of a whipping from a switch she cut because my sister and I kept fighting. My grandma expected kids to mind her and she was strict but it was because she loved us and she wanted us to grow up to be good people and wanted us to know Jesus. I remember her teaching me how to play chinese checkers, although I have long since forgot how to play but I could remember if I tried. And she used to love watching Hee-Haw and I loved watching it with her. She did like her whisky and her beer but I didn't mind. I think its good to remember your family they are such an important part of who you are.
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