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The : Things I hate thread...

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Well - it appears we all have vents we want off our shoulders even if its kids, our marriage, husbands, pets, or whatever... I had another thread going and everyone began throwing in their own "hate this or that" so I figured this would be nice...

So - VENT IT OFF. let it go!

I'll start.

I hate people who make jokes in my expense. It's not funny when you make fun of some one, at all. Even if you do it with a smile and a nice tone. It's still wrong, and If I am not laughing - Why are you?
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I hate when people get mad at me at work when I ask for ID when the name on your credit card is either worn off or not signed!!

Hello! i'm just doing it for your sake incase the card is stolen!
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^ The ones that usually get upset at the ones that aren't carrying their's, which of course is their problem not your's.
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I cannot stand having to listen to political and religious conversations brought up right there at work without regard to anyone else in the room. It just drives me up the wall. You know, not everyone agrees with what you are saying, and work is the most inappropriate place to start having these discussions, unless you are out on a break with your conversational partner.
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I hate when:

people smoke RIGHT in front of the door of a restaurant, retail place, etc.
people are on their cell phones when they're being cashed out.
people hit their pets.
I get the hiccups.
people are two-faced and fake.

Phew, that's a start. :p
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post
I hate when people get mad at me at work when I ask for ID when the name on your credit card is either worn off or not signed!!

Hello! i'm just doing it for your sake incase the card is stolen!
I hated that too when I was working in retail. Also when I was working at a day care we were required to check ID if anyone was picking up a child and we didn't know them. Parents would freak out and yell at you because there ID is in there car and they have to walk all the way back.
It is just like HELLO PEOPLE do you want me to just give your kid to anyone who come to pick them up??? One would think you would be happy that we were so carefull on who we released chirlden too!

I also hate when people talk behind my back. If you don't have the nerve to say something to my face keep it to your self!! I will never say something about anyone that I could not say to their face.
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I hate it when people are ignorant about what their government really is doing/has done...

I hate people calling it "liberal media" when 5 of the 6 media conglomerats are headed up by conservatives. (at least it was in 2004)

I hate it when someone forces their political/religious beliefs on you.
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-When you on the bus and some one is trying to justify a OUT OF DATE ticket lol.
-When you waiting at the bus stop or walking and some one blows smoke straight in your face , especially hate this when you have a child with you.
-When people make sly comments but can not justiy them and then try to wriggle out of the situation.
-When i yawn and make a weird sound afterwards.
-Animal abusers.
-People who make fun of charity , hello its raising money for some thing you might have when your older!
-people who judge straight away
-When u think u have some drink left in ya cup ya go to drink it and u already drunk it so its not their.
-When your trying to sleep..and ur kitten is meowing its bad breath in ur face lol , but i let this one slip
Jess x
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I hate when people make fun of disabled people, when people mistreat their pets, when their FAKEY FAKE FAKES!
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I hate bad mothers who drag their kids through their bullcrap.

I hate people who say one thing, and do another. How can you even dare talk about not drinking and driving if you have a DUI record, not 1, but two... and a WARRANT for it!?

I hate people who hit/kick pets.

I hate people that blame others for their own actions. " If she had not made me so angry I wouldn't have smacked her " Then once they get in trouble it's the poor me, can you believe the fake order she got on me? Then get revenge for the order that they got for your FIRST action.

I hate people who can dish it, but never taste it to see how it might be to have to eat it yourself.


I hate LIARS.

I hate Child Abusers

I hate people who joke about abusing children: There is nothing funny about shaking a baby!

I hate these cookies I can't stop eating
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I hate people chewing so loudly you can hear them across the room

I hate being hurt so close to my big day

and many other things that I don't feel like ranting about right now... but GREAT thread!
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things i hate...

Sarah Palin- She is a Moron and I am not "Joe Six Pack" Is that what I'm being degraded to these days? Hell... I don't even have a FOUR pack.

My Stupid Ex girlfriend Carla- She is so pointless and she was a waste of 4 months of my life that i will never get back.. THANK YOU CARLA


I hate the way the stock market is going because i invest in it.

I hate people who can't accept all forms of art ... such as certain styles of painting or rap or metal art... It's all expression and just because YOU don't get it doesn't mean it is crap.

And one other thing i hate is Michigan winters... can't wait until next year when i am California bound..

Just a few things...
I hate
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I hate being broke which I stay a good percentage of the time.

I hate liars.

I hate parents who walk out on their kids, like my mom did me and then they make excuses for it and never even apologize but get mad at you for not bending over backwards to have some relationship with them.
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I hate being broke too.
I hate it when people say they'll call on a certain day/time, and DON'T. Esspecially if it's when you have plans, or when it's a potential employer.
I hate when people call my cat fat, even if they're joking. She weighs like 6 pounds. She just LOOKS thicker because her legs are so short. >
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I hate ignorant drivers who aren't aware of basic traffic rules and aren't aware of their surroundings

I hate it when people at work get an attitude with me because I put their product on hold because it is bad. You produce it so you should know when it isn't up to par...I am just doing my job not letting your crap out the door because you have no pride in what you do.

I hate it when people don't try to see both sides of the debate - it isn't that difficult and you might learn from it.
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I hate it when people don't consider the source of information they hear, and just assume it's all true. Most people have no idea how often they're being lied to!
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Wow, what a negative thread!

I hate living paycheck to paycheck.
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I dont hate, it just gets on my nerves how short i am, and no designer makes clothes that fit my height or bust MERP To you! haha

Anyway i regret not getting my license done when i had the opportunity to back when i was 18, now im stuck in the middle of no where with trains that run every two hours

And its annoying that europe is so far away that i cant travel back and forth often!
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Good, I need to vent

I HATE the people in the apartment complex that don't know how to park between the 2 yellow lines. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to fit you're vehicle straight between the lines. There are a couple people here that don't care, and just pull into the parking lot, and park wherever they please. Sometimes they aren't even straight. Just right now, there's at least 2 cars that are out there that are parked almost at a diagonal. When I got home, there were 2 cars that belonged to people that didn't even live here that were parked crooked. I mean seriously, is it THAT hard to park straight?!

I also hate bad drivers. Drivers that don't yield when they are supposed to, and blatantly cut you off and don't even acknowledge it.

I also hate the guy below us when he decides to play his music loud at 12:30 at night. He's done it the past 2 nights in a row. Last night, my fiance went down and knocked on his door, and he turned it down, but never came to the door. The guy's played his music that loud before. One time he woke me up at 11 because it was so loud! I think tomorrow my fiance's going to call and complain to the complex. I'm just afraid he's waking up the people below him, because they have young triplets and the father gets up early for work.

Okay, I guess I'm done venting.
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Right now I'm not real fond of my dentist. I spent two hours there today and now that the Novocaine has worn off one side of my face hurts and my teeth feel really odd.

Later I will be hating my downstairs neighbors because the wake me up just about every night with their loud TV.
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I hate closed minded people.

I hate judgmental people.

I hate the guy at work that has conversations with my breasts and x-ray visions my butt.

I hate being so far away from my family

I hate that my boyfriend doesn’t love animals as much as I do and doesn’t let me help as much as I feel I could be doing. (I still think he’s the best though)
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I hate our attorney. It's been nearly 4 months now since the last court hearing an what should have been taken care of then is now dragging out till the HOLIDAYS!?!??! Goodness... Seriously, when some one does not follow the order, it's easy. You file the papers, ask for contempt of court and wallah - Justice is served, IF YOU'D EVEN FILE THE PAPERS YOU LAZY SO AND SO!

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Ok here goes.
1~People who are fake. If you aren't comfortable with who you truly are then you aren't worth my time.
2~People who pre-judge. I am who I am and if you don't like that then you don't have to be my friend it's no skin off my back but don't procede to bad talk who I am without getting to know me first. This goes back to #1
3~Spiders. Nuff said
4~Having to tell my SO to do a small task 800 times. If you would just do it the first time I wouldn't have to turn into a

Well I feel much better.
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ewww... I hate stepping on slugs in the dark with no shoes. Ewww...ewww....ew....
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LOL at this thead! I love it!
My list consists of
People who are mean/neglectful of their animals of any type
Those people who don't respect nature
I already said BYB's in the other vent thread
Winter - coldness
Needles -
Being overworked!!
I hate mean and/or cold people, I think the majority of people are good and nice but then there are those that don't treat their kids/pets/family the way they should, and it makes me mad and sad at the same time
And I hate those who are always right, since I AM always right! My husband thinks he is always right and you know what? I let him think that most of the time, works great for me and builds his confidence and makes him laugh I mean, why not? Life is too short to always be right! We aren't robots!
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1. my job
2. the guy who hit me with his truck
3. people who abuse children
4. people who abuse animals(that REALLY gets under my skin)
5. people who have no common courtesy. like the people who come into my work. i work at a minimarket that has a small deli, everyone in my town gets lunchmeat at my work, because its cheaper than the supermarket. what i cant stand is, everyone knows we close at 8, and people will come in 5 mins before i lock the door and want lunchmeat. its just comon courtesy to understand we are about to close and wait til the next day.
6. when my bfs sister comes over our house, calling both of my cats ugly. and she ALWAYS talks about how she hates her cat(she adopted of her cousin who was moving & had to rehome her babies). & shell say she wishes her cat was like Monster because he is so friendly, yet she calls him ugly & he is NOT ugly. i think hes gorgeous.
7. when my bfs sister says she hates her cat so much, she is just going to let it go, because she doesnt wanna pay the $50 fee to drop him of at the humane society. she said it today, && i told her she BETTER not do that.
8. when my bfs sister is mad, & she talks crap about you when your sitting right there, but she acts like she is talking about someone else. like, just say it to my face, dont act like you aint talkin bout me when i kno u are.
9. when my bf doesnt listen to me when i tell him not to do something, or when i tell him my take on whatever situation, he acts like idk what im talkin bout, but then he finds out the hard way that i am right & always am right.
10. when other girls flirt wit my bf right in front of my face. like, he aint gunna flirt back, so why bother?
11. when people do their food shopping at my work. then they ask me if we have a certain item, but get mad when we dont, & they just dont grasp the fact that we are a MINIMARKET, not a grocery store!
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the list would be to long,

i hate obama.

I hate anti-american groups who have no clue. Who seem to think America is cause of there own personal problems

I hate the liberal media, who edit interviews to make people say what they did not say.

I hate the fact that real news reporting seems to be dead.

also everyone that calls me to ask how to set up there iphone

hm ok i tend to hate start out disliking everyone, it tends to save time that way.

oh yea, i hate obama, his wife, and there fuzzy dog if they have one
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My GI problems. Seems like I'm stuck with it and I don't understand why I have to be forced to deal with so much pain.
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just do what i do, pain reminds me that i am still alive.
err, does not always help., just sometimes.
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Humm things I hate:

When people try to force their beliefs on other people. You know the kind, those who even when they have a valid point laid in front in them...just can not agree to disagree, no they want to insult and demean others until they try and make them change their moral and belief systems. Unacceptable. Just agree to disagree on some things- no need to ruin someone's day or come across as a jerk just because you don't always seem eye to eye. What's wrong with acknowleging that even those that disagree on things can still have valid points about them! Uhhh.

Talking politics with family

I hate having health problems

Smoking- I HATE being anywhere near it and i'm totally allergic.

People who always give out insults but never give a compliment or have a positive things to say.

Folding laundry

Back stabbing people

People who abuse animal and people

I hate infertility

People who cheat

People who abandon their families

I hate it when birds poop on my car

I hate shrimp

I hate candles that smell like grass

I hate people who steal parking spots when they can obviously see you were there first

I hate most of the media- it's very hard to find honest, unbiased news that gives you the real facts.

I hate black licorice - who eats that stuff anyways

Beans (had to end on a lighter note!)
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